Any success in recovering disabled page?

I just wanted to know if anyone has had any RECENT success in restoring a disabled ig page? I know their system has done a lot of updates and changes so I’m wondering what everyone’s experience has been. Lately I haven’t even received any email responses to my appeals, has anyone out there had better luck?


i haven’t have any success in the recent 13 accounts that i have been trying to recover over the past 5 weeks.


It probably depends on a few factors too, mostly why it was disabled (what type of account it was) and the IP you were using may have a big impact. Though I can’t prove this from experience, it’s just a theory.

I can tell you that they don’t like meme pages…


My 1.4M page was reactivated this morning. No email, no notifications, it just popped back up

Recovered 1 blackhat account yesterday

I’m still appealing as we speak

Just keep trying, it will eventually get unbanned


Thank you I’m trying not to give up

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Good luck! :smiley:

Thank you appreciate it

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Are you getting ANY email replies from ig at all? Even emails saying they can’t reactivate your page?

I had a page disabled for posting conservative news, 92,000 likes, nothing illegal and there were no violations ever. They unpublished the page and then old me that I was posting a deceptive comment, aka they were accusing me of posting clickbate.

Fortunately for me I know lots of people in the media since that’s what I am as well. I’m doing a piece for a rather large media entity about what Facebook is doing.

In the meantime I’ve seen the writing on the wall, it’s time to get out of dodge. Facebook will now unpublish your page for no reason at all even if you had no prior violations, it’s just too risky to run any type of business model, you mise as well as just go throw your computer in quicksand.

I have…i did the code and pic again yesterday waiting on a reply

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I was using instagress about a year ago. I was banned. They didn’t give me a reason. I sent up proof that I owned the LLC of the instagram name. It was restored within a couple hours. Now I’ve been able to follow/unfollow at high rates.


When you sent in your business documents were you using the email address associated with your account ?

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I don’t know, maybe that wasn’t the case before the whole “fake news” thing, maybe it’s more true now. They’re probably trying to control what people see after being under scrutiny because of that. Which is totally biased and wrong, but at the same time, if it’s in their TOS they can still do “whatever they want.”

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We were penalized during 3 days at the end of April. We didn’t receive any alert or message of any kind, the page just went unpublished. We tried to reach every contact we had and nobody was really useful as nobody really knows how the policy team works. The page went up live after exact 3 days.

The thing is, we did not published anything that might infringe Facebook’s policies and no post was deleted from our page. This was the the most strange thing.

After this happened to us a friend of mine had the same issue last week, and we saw several pages going dark for 3 days and even a month.

Don’t expect a fast response, try to reach out to every contact that might know somebody working on FB, because sometimes they could get some information from inside the company about the real reason for the penalization. Review your old posts, look for the ones that might be against FB rules and delete them, do the same for the post with high hide and spam report rate. This might be helpful during a review of your content.

Yes. I used the same email to contact them that was associated with the account.

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I got my page back this morning , you just have to keep trying