Any success in recovering disabled page?

Yessss congrats!!!
Were you appealing through the app, or through the link that asks if your page is a personal or business page? And were you using the email associated with your account on the appeal form?

Thank you and tbh I used both I kept getting denied but I kept appealing and I used the email that’s associated with my page NOT the sign up email up

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Okay and did you use any vpn apps when you sent in appeals ?

Nope I deleted all that off my phone and reset my IP address on my phone and started back appealing

how did you get them to reply with a verification email? i havent gotten that yet

Does anyone here know how to get back a disabled instagram page? I appeal every day and get nowhere. now i cant even get them to send me a email asking to hold a pic, I need help

did you appeal on the app? ive followed methods in this forum and dont get anywhere

I have succes to recover 3 of my account, just following instruction was sent by instagram team. But i have experience, ig team sent info they already reactivated my account, but account instagram still banned until this day.

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what if you dont get any instructions emailed to you? all they say is that they cant bring back my account

They will sent you secret code, you take a picture with that code, and send back to them.

they wont send me any code, they only say they cant reactivate my account

did you know wat is the reason your account has been disable?

collecting fake likes and comments which i have never done

No luck for me

How did you appeal? On iPad?

Always use your desktop…

Really? When I use computer their response is always “if u were disabled by mistake log in app”

Can you show me a screenshot from that response?

Please show me what you did to receive that email.