Any Undetectable Android Emulator For Instagram?

Hey guys been searching a lot, but not able to find a undetectable emulator to create and manage instagram as if in a real device. I have seen anti-detect browsers, but not emulators.

Haven’t tried Jarvee recently, was an old customer of theirs, but many people seem to be having too much problems so finding an alternate solution.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


You can use Oracle Virtualbox and Genymotion.

Genymotion has a download that includes Virtualbox.

Genymotion has a free personal version. Only disadvantage is that every emulator uses about 2 GB RAM.

Genymotion is undetectable by instagram? I tried Memu player, but got detected.

You might be able to do it with Android Studio.

An emulator instance requires close to ~2 gigs of RAM.

A 16GB DDR4 RAM costs $100. With that you can run about 5 instances. AndroidStudio needs a couple gigs + your system requires 3-4 gigs of memory.

You can use Jarvee on API if you want that. With the right settings, you can still run Jarvee with minimum possible issues.

all the emulators are detected. Unless custom coded from scratch using android AOSP.
I am working on this hopefully have it ready coming months.
But its a very specific use case to use emulators. why not use jarvee instead

I basically want to create and profile accounts and it seems easy and fast to do on emulator instead of physical phones, but I agree with reply above all are detected so its better to create them on physical devices.

If it seems easy and fast on an emulator, it would be much faster & easier on a real device. Although, if you’re automating this, it would make things a little tricky. But still doable.

exactly how is IG able to detect emulators vs real phones?
say if you change the imei number and such on the emulator, i am not understanding how IG is able to differentiate the difference.

Well, it’s pretty easy.
2- It’s not IG that detects emulator, it’s google.

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i have no doubt google can detect it, but how is google supposed to send this info to IG. They are two separate companies.

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how do you see google Recaptcha on Instagram?


I actually didn’t think captcha is from google

Mostly all emulators are detectable. Please let us know what tasks you want to perform so we can suggest you any other options if possible.

I would be interested in automating and making accs on either the phone or the emulator, with as little fingerprints as possible.

To not to leave fingerprints is very tricky on real phone. Because we don’t have control over all things. And we don’t know what exact data IG collects for device identity. It’s a matter of research and development. It Needs time & expertise in multiple fields to perfectly make things working bro.

if using real phone cannot avoid fingerprints, why is it that people are recommending using real phones over emulator? It doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend hundreds of dollars to buy real phones when the outcome is the same as downloading a free emulator.

Wait… i think you are misunderstood me. You can use real phone for management bro. But it’s 100% unrealistic to use real devices for creating thousands of Accounts each day without any kind of specific tools and expertise this was I mean.

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i see. have you had experience botting using both emulator and phone? if so, what are the difference? i would think that phones work better but to what extent?

And I will try to find a way by making research in free time and will try to help MP community as much as possible. I will make public post here if I find anything doable.

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