Anyone 100% Not getting action blocks?

If so share your setup and what you are doing thats working to not get action blocks.


yes… it’s called manual botting (100% not getting blocks) =)


I think that everyone here get sometimes temps blocks :thinking:


thats what im thinking too but seems to be some people opop up here andthere syaing they having no problems so lets see.

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I was pretty much not as of a few days ago

you were not but now also getting blocks?

I got a few blocks a couple weeks ago, but lately I’ve been either working manually or automating <25 follows per day and I’ve been alright so far.

25 follows a day ? Omg


yea thats pointless at that rate.


Thanks for this information, do you use EB or API on JV ?

I agree, I’m trying to warm up my accounts again after multiple follow blocks while being automated. Manually I’ve been able to follow a couple hundred a day, it just takes more time than I’d like

I’m actually running a python bot on my home network rather than using a service like JV.

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Do you use instapy ?

Yeah, with a few tweaks

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I am using HC 4g mobile proxies 1:1 with EB and still constantly receive follow action blocks.
I also have a couple of accounts caught in and endless of follow action blocks and they will not follow anyone.
I have rested the accounts for 48 hours, cleared the cookies, reset device IDs and even changed proxies, but nothing really seems to help
If anyone has any ideas, I am open to suggestions.

How many follow/unfollow do you send per day ?

Trying to do about 150 follows per day.
Then the next day do about 150 unfollows

Everything depend on your account, it’s an old account? how many followers? …?

Both are clients accounts over a year old
Over 5,000 followers

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The current state of constant blocks has still not resolved for me. Everything was going great until the updates. Now, no matter what, all my accounts get blocked and I can barely follow anyone, no matter what proxies, accounts etc