Anyone can explain me about this point on scrapper pls

Can anyone explain me this point pls . I know that in scrapper account we should check the option of follow the followers of specific accounts and put sources to scrape followers and send them from scrapper to my main account the question is about my main account is should I also check the option of follow followers of specific user and put the same sources as scrapper account or I don’t check any option in my account because I did it before in my scrapper account .? Anyone can explain pls

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No, in your main account’s Follow sources tab, you should only have the option “Follow specific users” checked.

the extracted users form your scraper account will be sent there automatically.

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There is also another more convenient way to use scrapers for your main accounts where you can set all sources and settings in your main account and Jarvee will use only accounts with specific tag names to do the scraping. You can use tag “scrapper” on these accounts and then for any tool, when scraping, Jarvee will use those"scrapper" accounts. There is option in Settings - Instagram section - When executing any tool for scraping, use accounts with specific tag names.

This is more convenient for me, doesn’t have to be the same for you, but just wanted to share it, maybe it can help.

What @Bianca suggests is an alternative method to set up scraper accounts. @med_akli You can read more info about it here [METHOD] Alternative Way to Setup Your Scraper Accounts -JARVEE

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