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I got a lot of positive feedback on my previous post, so i’m here with another one!
I’m going to show you guys an alternative method to setting up a scrapper account.

Some of you might already use this method, but based on what i’ve learned, and from talking to people on this forum, I figured that not everybody uses this method.

Disclaimer: this is how I personally set them up, it doesn’t mean that this is the only way to do it

I will cover the following:
-Setting up tag names.
-Making use of all your scrappers (you won’t be relying on 1 scraper to send targets to your main account(s).
-Protecting scraper accounts from getting blocked.
-No more mess using the send extracted post from a scrapper account to the main account, everything will be organised after this.

  1. Setting up tag names.
    I’m going to use the tag “SLAVE” for the scraper accounts, you can call them whatever you want, but don’t tag them slave1, slave2… or this won’t work.
    Add the slave tag to all your scraper accounts.
    go into JARVEE settings, social profiles, instagram, and copy the settings from this image.

    Now this is what’s going to happen; JARVEE will only use the accounts with the tag SLAVE to scrape data, now that thats out of the way, let me show you how to benefit from this feature.

Instead of setting up all the filters on the scraper account, and setting them to be sent to the main account, you can go ahead and set up the filters and sources directly on the main account.

When you run the tools on the main account, JARVEE will automatically pick any account (with the SLAVE tag), and use it to scrape on behalf of the main account, then it will execute the action using the scraped data on the main account.

This way all the accounts will share the scrapers equally, and you won’t be overusing one individual scraper.

Another note, when you use a scraper account to send targets to the main account, the follow back ratio won’t show up, using this method it will.

  1. Protecting the scraper from getting blocked.
    Navigate to advanced profile settings of the scraper account
    First, setup night mode and delay tools when api calls/errors exceed a given value. Here’s a picture of my settings (just copy the times):

    I setup night mode so that the account only runs 5 days a week, check the rotate days box to randomise the days.
    Check the delay all tools boxes, use the defualt settings for the /day and /hour settings, or lower them as you wish.
    Update, the screenshot is old, since instagram is cracking down on scrapers, I would recommend lowering them even more than the default values, let the account do less api calls/day and /hour

I set up the delay time ranges not to overlap, let me tell you why:
When your account gets delayed, JARVEE tells you that it got delayed because of the advanced profile settings, but it doesn’t tell you the exact reason why
Using this method, lets say JARVEE delays the account by 12 min (dashboard specifies how long the delay will last), I will know why it happened, a 12 min delay fits under the time bracket of "Delay all tools when api calls exceed a given value for 1500 calls/hour"
Another example is if it got delayed for 22 min, ill know its because api errors exceeded 20/hour.

You should setup these delays since if a scraper keeps scraping, it’s gonna get blocked, you may see your scrapers get delays after setting this up, but it’s nothing bad, it’s just to protect them.
If you find that all scrapers are getting delayed, you probably need more scrapers.

Make sure to enable full api emulation on the scraper account or you will get an error. If you just checked the box you should reset device ID’s so JARVEE will re login using only API.

Hope you guys find this useful, leave a comment if you have any questions.



Thank you for writing this guide.

If you want only specific main accounts to scrape with the tagged scrapper accounts, you can check the option Apply only on accounts with specific tagnames:

I find that option very useful.


Another Gem! Thanks a lot bro.

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Very nice share ! Good luck with the contest as well :wink:


Yes, that’s a good share. I recommend you set the Slaves to API since EB don’t respect the filters

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Thanks for sharing, very useful tips. Cheers!

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FAT amounts of value!! Thank you :beers:

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Nice tutorial, thanks!

Wouldn’t it be better though to not use “full api emulation” on the scraper accounts since it does more api calls?

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i use full api emulation and i have no issues with it. You can’t use all tools when using the EB.
To protect the account from doing too many api calls set the limits as i show in the post.

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Thanks for this post. It’s been a while since I set this all up, this definitely seems alot easier. Can you show your settings for follows? or even just an example

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Hey I’m new to jarvee. Thanks for this I’ll change my settings asap.
Can you tell me how everyone is getting scraping results so fast like 10000s in minutes. I’m getting 1000 an hour?

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The first time I read this guide I didn’t understood it but after going through it few times more I realized how much of a game changer that is! Thanks for putting that knowledge together!

Does that mean that we can also use the repost tool and unfollow options like “don’t unfollow likers & commenters” in the main account and the scrapers will take care of all of that? Basically anything scraping related?

This would be amazing otherwise you would need to have a additional scraper for every tool.


For follows, just start really slow, and use contextual actions, a new feature, it works great. I start at 2-3 follows per day and increase by 5 a day till it reaches about 120.

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The more filters you have, the longer it’s going to take to scrape. Try loosening your filters and you should see better results.

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Your welcome!
The main account will only do the final action, while any of the scraper accounts will do anything scrape related.

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Thanks. It’s nice to see people still in the game… it’s motivation to get my setup back to where it was. Everytime I give it a shot, it works good for about 2 weeks… then accounts start just performing weird.

I have some ideas this time what I will do different. 120f a day, across bulk accounts is better than attempting 180-200f a day across my regular setup.


@Klique Great to see you back! I remember you always added good knowledge here.

It’s really working better than few months ago. After some break, few weeks ago I started using automation again as well. With adjusting the setup day by day everything is getting better and better.

Now I also experienced issues coming up after weeks of everything running smoothly. In my opinion the most problematic are session blocks. Hard blocks are very rare and can’t be avoided completely. As far as I learned the session blocks are always caused by the AI detecting a certain pattern.

So what could really help is having completely different sets of settings and switching them up in case an account gets into a state where it get stuck in session blocks again and again. For example one set of settings with low amount of follows per operation and one with high amounts and so on. I’m doing that today, it’s early but so far I’m seeing great results and it seems it’s a good way to get through these annoying roadblocks.


Yea it’s better to stay safe, i dont go over 120 a day, but i also do around 60~ unfollows each day, and the accounts run in the like exchange.
by using a manual method i talked about in another posts, i can do around 300 follows/day, i can probably do more but i just don’t have the time since i do about 60/hr

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I’ve setup the same settings as I saw in a forum from a person who is getting 1 million in an hour. And I’m getting 1000. I’ve only ticked bio and engagement. And I’ve tried removing everything but still the speed was same. Should I use a proxy as I’m not using one coz I’m using jarvee for only limited time? And if I should which one is good and cheap?

the bio filter can be a bit harsh since it matches words with a list you give it, try turning that off and see if you get better results.
you should use a proxy, don’t run the scraper on the same ip your main account runs, if your only running your account use the proxy for the scraper account, and use your home wifi for the main account (check do not require proxy for main account if your jarvee is on your home wifi

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