Anyone else having issues with 4k Stogram?

I am trying to use 4k Stogram to grab some images today and it is loading and running, but keeps “updating” and not engaging. Wondering if this has anything to do with IG’s recent API changes.


Sup fam.

Had the same issue, 4k Stogram said they are working on it. They had me re-download the app because of a new update, but that didn’t help. Will keep you posted if I figure it out.


Thanks! Reading thread now.

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It seems related with that, anyway 4K strogram is working on it as far I know. So hope they will fix soon! I will update if I have any news


Reply from them:

Hi xxxx

Thanks for your message.
Instagram has changed users’ photo storage, that’s why there is an issue.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.
We are still working on fixing this issue and will release another update asap.

Kind regards,


Hi there people, seems the problem has been fixed!

Hi xxxx,

Thanks for your message.

We have released the update of the app, please update the app to 2.6.10 and check if the issue persists.

I tested and is working again :slight_smile:


hmmm…doesn’t seem to be working on my end. Is yours still working? I was able to use DownAlbum the other day. But it is no longer working as well.

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Tested on mac and windows. Both not working here.


Worked for me, at least yesterday

Yes. It was working for me, sorry for the late reply. My 4k Stogram was updated to 2.6.11 automatically. So double check you have that particular version

If you still have problems I will recommend contact support. They will reply soon to check your case :slight_smile: Let us know @vallejo and @dma0245


Hi my 4kstogram on my mac is not downloading anything anymore, can u help?