Anyone else here a Digital Nomad?


Been traveling with my wife for years now, back and forth between the states and Europe. We’ll probably stay here in Europe for the time being, though :slight_smile:


For the time being I cannot help with that, sorry. Maybe in 1-2 months I can provide more detailed information :bouquet:


Hi, full nomad here aswell :smile:
Currently on the Island Koh Lipeh in Thailand (big community here at kohub ), before I was 5 months in Bali (Outpost, Hubud, Tropical Nomad) and Canary Islands - 4 months

July I have to go back to Switzerland for my brothers wedding, September probably 2 months Portugal and then Medellin or Ciang Mai in November


Traveling the US in a converted van.


I found your ig before seeing you on here and man I’ve really thought about the van life haha not sure my girl would be for it but it seems cool! If you make it to Az holler!