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encryption means we secure our data so thief can’t access it?
what about getting our data back, say we just buy another laptop so we can work again, we need to all of our account to the new laptop.


Cloud backup is a must for me


2017 I spent in Central/South America, getting ready to buy a van, convert it to an RV and make a trek from Colombia to the Southern tip of Argentina.


Anyone is heading to Kuala Lumpur this weekend?


Windows 10 pro (don’t know about other versions) has the ability to encrypt your entire hdd. And there are more things like https://sourceforge.net/projects/veracrypt/
So if someone steals your laptop they cannot access the data.

If you combine that with putting your documents and other important maps on Google drive so you have a good backup you are safe.

I had something similar some time ago and it took me only a couple of hours to recover everything and continue working on another computer.


Haha I’m always in Bangkok, KL, or Hong Kong… surprised we haven’t met yet! :slight_smile:


Not really, Thailand is very friendly and relaxed… Not to mention it’s extremely convenient, if you go to Phuket or Chiang Mai you can rent a motorcycle for like $5 a day for example, or get massages for $6… I have no stress about anything whatsoever when I’m in Thailand.


I moved to BKK also. And there are more mp members in Thailand. We could make a party :thailand: :beers:


What’s the dog culture like? I’ve been wanting to relocate to south east asia after living in my van for 1-2 years. I have 2 large dogs, and want to be somewhere dog friendly.


Just rent a house with a garden, if you go outside keep them on the leash. Thailand had a problem with overpopulating wild dogs in the past. So dont let your dogs walk freely, they can get snatched in the night and get executed.


far from my family, but I go back in July for 1 month, after that I hit Portugal for surfing:grin:


Till now I never saw people with a dog on a leash. I spend most of my time in Bangkok. Maybe in other parts of Thailand it is different.

The only dogs you see here are homeless, or walk around freely looking like they are homeless.


VeraCrypt for full disk encryption + SpiderOak for the encrypted cloud :slight_smile:


Where did you hear that? Portugal is particularly great for expats because it’s one of the cheapest Euro countries, it has great food, weather and generally living conditions and if you can earn an average salary that is not the portuguese one, you can live here pretty well.
However I know plenty of expats living in portugal who are registered as residents and all of them pay taxes just like everyone else.


If anyone wants to avoid taxes they should just move to Monaco. But you have to become a citizen and make x amount of money to even qualify for that.


There are many countries… Georgia, Cyprus, UAE… Problem with many countries is that the cost of living and the cost of doing business are very high. You can also just disappear, travel a little and pay no taxes.


I like this idea haha or just a latin america country :love_you_gesture:t2: Argentina: Cheap, good food, taxes¿?


haha no way. I’ve been in Chiang Mai the last 4 years. Thailand is great


What about near a beach? That’s my goal!


I have family in Portugal. Look up non-habitual residence (NHR) tax regime. It’s enforced in 2009 or 2010. As I understand one of the conditions is that you aren’t registered as a residence in the last 5 year. So if you already lived there when it was enforced you don’t apply for it. If you have a job in Portugal as a new expat you pay around 20% taxes, but if you receive foreign income it can be completely tax-free.