Who's a Digital Nomad? 🌏

While all of us work online, anyone else here actively traveling full-time as well? If so, where are you based right now? And where are you going next?


By the way, I’m in Buenos Aires now for another month and headed to Berlin next.


Austrian Citizen. Currently in Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong for business reasons. Also to avoid income tax :slight_smile:. Haven’t been at home for more then a year now besides formal ministry visits.


Hoping to be a Digital Nomad in the future but I’m thinking about my family, specially my parents so I’m afraid to pursue it in the moment.


What is the income tax situation like there?

Very keen to become a nomad and Asia is high on my list!!

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The main reason is to not have the “center of your life” in my home country. So my worldwide income is not taxable there. I am also not allowed to stay more then 180 days in most of the countries (that differs from country to country). As long as you keep hopping enough and don’t have any ties somewhere (that can be proven) you are not required to pay income tax in any country. Assuming you avoid the location of your offshore company both for invoicing and staying (not all offshore location require this).

(All of the above works with my current citizenship and might differ for other citizenship’s)


I hear Bali is pretty nice and good for this as well. Just saying.


Bali is by far my favorite. You walk into any cafe in Canggu and it’s filled with people working on their laptops running remote businesses.


Great answer, thanks. I saw that too, I thought it was 90 days but 180 sounds great. Will be looking into this for sure!

If not for nomad life, just to be able to create our own viral Instagram content :sweat_smile:


I travelled South America and was doing well with it, but after we got tired we headed back to the States and my wife realized she wanted to stay put for a while.

We had originally planned on Thailand, SE Asia, and Bali in order to join the communities and pick the brains, as well as create contacts. But that is not going to happen for a while, if ever.

I wouldn’t mind a year long vacation in Bali though. I wonder if Bora Bora has good internet.

Yep, quick Google search shows a new line installed in 2010 to Hawaii.

BRB, gotta lose 30 lbs and buy some beach shorts.


If you are as U.S. citizen you have to check the laws, usually you get an extended visa like we did for Ecuador and Peru and then do a border run.


i wouldnt say full time but 4-5 months of the year, im in San Francisco right now. Will be going to Colombia (again) and Poland shortly


Sounds pretty dope especially since I’m Austrian too :smiley: You could also set up a corporation, keep your money in there to only pay corporate taxes and then when you want to cash out move to Dubai for 6 months, pay 0 tax and move back :wink:

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I heckin loved Colombia.

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i love it too! where were you? Medellin?

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Cartagena, Santa Marta, Rodadero, Taganga. Didn’t spend as much time there as I would’ve liked.

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i loved cartagena too. You gotta check out medellin!


I still have bank accounts in Austria, tho I am not allowed to open new ones since I do not have a “meldezettel” anymore. The above concept won’t work, because even if you spend 60 days in Austria… if it is your center of live, the finance ministry will require you to pay your income taxes in Austria no matter what. Also Emirate company formations require you to have weird licenses that need health checks etc. so it is a bit difficult (from what I have heard).


For the past 3 years, been traveling 3-4 months of the year. This year though, I’m not planning on traveling much. To be honest, it’s fun but it loses it’s appeal after awhile. Plus, working like we do you never are really on vacation - so you’ll be in some exotic locale but logging into your VPS. I like being in one place, saving more money and getting more work done (focusing on projects more than travel).


Hi Henry, where did you set up your offshore company? I’m in the process of setting up mine and I’m exploring all my options at the moment.