Anyone Get traffic google plus community to website?


Yes. I don;t know what it is about those +1’s. I just like them. A lot. I like them a lot.


why do you even need the +1 just post there to build content of your profile and leave it there for those who is there but I dont really know anybody who uses G+ other ways then boosting there SEO


They are dead and yet they are very strict.



100% Agree.

Haven’t been doing SEO for 1 year now but last time I did the +1’s would give a significant boost.
For example a keyword that has 10k searches a month in a SEO competitive niches.
I was able to create an article of 800-900 words keyword density of maybe 0.4%-0.6% (The keyword was also in the title)
Did all the tags and images optimization, hyperlinks follow/nofollow you know…
Sent a total of 5 links (1 website 1 link) from my PBN. DA50 PA66 (I think those were the numbers). 1 link, 2 days I pause before next link.

After 2 weeks 5th page.

After that I just barely got to the 4th page.(Maybe 4th-5th week) Enough time for the authority juice to flow through.

I had a small niche G+ page. Started posting my webpage link there. Was getting around 10-15 G+'s a day.
in 2 weeks was on the 12th place. Started pushing the G+'s started gathering more and more. 25-50G+'s a day.

Maybe I got a total of 350-400G+'s I had my niche website page on the 2nd place fighting against an authority website. (bodybuildingDOTcom or something I don’t remember exactly.)

So yeah. If you use it for SEO they still have good impact. If you use for traffic :frowning: I’m sorry for ya!


You can get traffic from Google+. But you have to choose the right community and a good content. For example viral topics are fine. The problem with Google+ is that they are very strict with the spam.
If post in with a new profile in a community probably it will directly to spam. An authority profile if you are lucky maybe can post three times a day. It is very tiny.


I’m getting 1-2 followers every day… a tiny trickle… I’ve only just started posting my ads to my profile and communities…I’m figuring to do it only once or twice a week to stay under the G+ police radar. My postings do show up on Google searches and I’m getting about 1-2 hits every once in a while on my landing page from them…I’m hoping things will get better… LOL

My problemo is that somehow my “following” feature on G+ seems blocked, disabled, or something. However, everything else on my G+ account works fine…Go figure.

Ideas anybody?




I am also in similar can’t just rely on Google plus, it’s not working. I have been postings in communities for one week now and barely got any clicks on it compared to Facebook groups postings.


Well wish I would have read this yesterday. I just made a community to see if I get any traffic. Well I am also kinda testing using it for my Facebook group so people can post adult pics and vids without worrying about their Facebook account getting blocked. I know it’s still against G+ terms but who cares if their G+ account gets in trouble…lol


I know so much SEO and they barely give their own insights and experiences. Thank you so much for your experience. I have just one question. I am going to buy 80 PBN Bundle from a SEO marketer on a very heavy price. Is that something will strengthen my SEO base?


Check if all links that you will receive are quality DA/PA and are actually indexed.

Make sure to not spam the backlinks in one sitting. They need to look more or less spread.
not 80 links in 1 day.
5 today
15 tomorrow
7 the day after tomorrow.

Make sure you are not getting nofollow links… sounds stupid but I got a nofollow package once.

But… nowadays I don’t think nofollow and dofollow have different impacts…

Google is 100 times smarter than it used to be 7 years ago. When I first started SEO.

Get social signals with the backlinks (in the same time) it will look very natural to Google.
Get some traffic in the same time.

This will look very natural and google will move your links up the ladder very fast.

If you can’t do those things just stick with the backlinks, you will get results as long as the links are relevant and have a good standing da/pa.


Hey bro, how did you make those accounts? I need to make tons of Google+ accounts and I have the proxies ready to go and launch.