Anyone Get traffic google plus community to website?

hi. i am post over 300 google plus community with 10 account.
but i am get only 112 visitor ?
i am use 5 private proxy and 2 google plus account per proxy.

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Yuhp. Very little traffic with G+ as i think g+ is going to die soon. :joy:

They’re already dead, just not aware of it yet. :slight_smile:


Yep Gplus is DEAD

There is barely any engagement on google plus, I feel most of the users there might be just bots

i have a g+ page with 3000 followers, when i post any article i barley get 1+.
so yes i think its dead

So, all you need is 30 000 000 followers and you’ll get 10K+ :joy:


:rage: now my all gplus account is ban by google. my loss is $06 for this pva gplus account.:sob:
now i am try in facebook.:unamused::pensive:

Can I get 300 visitors from G+ today or it is very hard to do it?

I hope you won’t get offended, but you might want to get a bit of work on your English skills.

People nowadays tend to look the other way when they see even the slightest hint that the thing they might click on would be a waste of their time.

Talk to someone to check your grammar and I wish you all the best! :smiley:

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I mean how I can get 300 visitors to my website from G+ today in 2017?

Anybody? G+ is dead?

What is good source of traffic today, besidec fb, twitter, pinterest?

What’s google plus? /

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Good question.

I used to drive traffic to my websites 3 years ago from G+.
But even then it was garbage.
Back then I found out about tumblr and it was the bomb.

I would ditch it in your place.

Why not create an army of G+ and have them randomly +1 your G+? It’s mostly for SEO anyways. If your main G+ is getting +1’d then perhaps it will give your link more authority.


I pay to SEO people to look after my google ratings and they suggest me posting on G+ because its great for Google search engine I do not get any +1 or one if I am lucky but I feed google with images and Google likes images

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I would just buy the +1’s in that case. But I’m known to be lazy so…

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I don’t want to get shadow banned on G+ though. I really want those +1’s


What? you want all of the 6 people that still use Google plus to like your post organically then? :joy:

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