Anyone got suggestions on a nice place in the world to freelance?

I am looking to freelance in a new location for 6 months to a year

Looking for a place with the following:

Cost of living is relatively low
Good Internet
Clean air (currently in China)
Generally pleasant place to live

Anyone have any suggestions? Was looking at Sofia but I am all ears.

Thanks in advance!


Here you go:

BTW, it looks nothing similar to what you’ve seen in this video :smiley:
But it’s cheap :slight_smile:
Internet - 7/10
Clean air (currently in China) - Cleaner than in China, except during winter
Generally pleasant place to live - if you don’t have much contact with locals.


Whatever you do, dont go to Canada. Everything is so expensive over here! Especially in British Columbia!


South America, the best America.

Here is a little secret: Southernmost South America is actually pretty much Europe with good internet + environment + really safe + pretty people + cultured and educated people, and it’s cost of living is really low.

Southern Chile is just like Scandinavia. Southern Argentina is just like Canada green fields. Southern Brazil/Uruguay is what you can find in central Europe. You can even find German/Italian/British/Dutch/Polish towns in those places.

Economy is ok, you can bring pretty much anything and make bank introducing to the local economy. Starbucks for example is not as widespread, so if you create a coffee shop brand yourself you can make some nice bank.

Land is also relatively cheap, you’ll have to ask the local authorities if foreigners can buy land. World Maps don’t represent the actual size of South America; much of its lands are unexplored. But for this reason, everything is far apart. If you work over the internet, just move to a small town, preferably a mountain town or beach town. You can easily rent a big house with 6 or more rooms for 1000$ or if you don’t care about that, a nice home with 3 rooms for 200$.

No immigrants, no terrorism, no risk of war (absolutely no global war had any interest in South America). Violence and crimes stays mostly in the Northern and warmer parts of South America. Also in the really big cities/capitals. Other than that you’ll understand why Nazi Generals moved here to live peaceful lives.

An extra is that you can become untraceable if you want to. So yeah, South America.


I second this notion. I recently spent a couple months backpacking around South America and I’d recommend Peru or, even more so, Mexico. Mexico is so incredibly cheap it’s not even funny. The people are wonderful and the climate is to be adored.

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Venezula or Ukraine, where they have the most beautiful women in the world!


Your in China?


You might want to amend that to only include the Southern Portion of South America. From my experience there across multiple countries, The U.S. immigration policy greatly affects the majority of South America. Many immigrants come from Cuba etc, then immigrate up through the countries until they hit Mexico/U.S. And I can tell you from experience, the mojority of S.A. countries are not fond of immigrants from anywhere.


Chile, Panama, Slovakia, Latvia…

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I love the patriotism that beams from this sentence :slight_smile:

He was quoting OP.

Check out -

With your current requirements, your best bet is: Phuket, Thailand


@MojoJojo Yes, I figured that out after re-reading it. Drinks at Sunday Brunch are bad…

I second phuket, that is on my shortlist. There is a monthly meetup of expats/IM/dropshippers etc that occurs there.


Remember to bring food.

Yeah. The entire post should only refer to the Southern Portion of South America, the northern you go, the higher the risk of you getting killed or kidnapped. When you reach the Amazon, you are dead for sure. Also, avoid Paraguay and Bolivia; although they are great places, anybody without the local knowledge how things work in South America will be kidnapped. Just look for European settlements and you won’t have any problem with people being xenophobic/violent. Stick to non-Buenos Aires Argentina, Uruguay as a whole, the 3 southernmost Brazilian states (not by the litoral) and all of southern Chile.

If you want a simple solution: Uruguay. Weed is legal, everybody has dogs, a nice beach flat can be
bought for 30k$, architecture is mostly British, people are mostly educated and you won’t have any trouble finding countless places that use English. Climate is similar to Canada. Although crime do exist in Monte Video (capital), you can avoid it more easily as they are mostly pickpockets and not actual kidnappers/murderers like in Northern/Central parts of South America.

Thailand might face a coup really soon.


I don’t know, dude looks good in a tanktop! :thumbsup: Also, Northen S.A. is not that bad, I was robbed in Peru of cell phone, but aside from that, only Costa Rica was hostile/dangerous.


What else could anyone expect from the King of Trapland hahaha


Nope, just forgot to quote op :smiley:


LOL, yeah I figured it out. Beers for lunch

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It would depend on your specialty. While lots of these places mentioned are great to live or are inexpensive, what you do matters the most.

  • Can you freelance from online?
  • What kind of freelancing do you do?
  • What is your current budget and or quality of standard?

There is more to it than meets the eye.

yeah, South America sounds like a good idea (Chile & argentina) at least, wouldn’t recommend Venezuela tho, with the current crisis, almost imminent civil war and all, not your safest bet.

I visited Yugoslavia in 1981 with my parents (I was 8) and I visited Mostar and I remember of the impressive bridge.


I have my eye on Brazil (on the coast - south side) - went to Rio recently and loved it but I wouldn’t live in a big city - might as well make the most of an internet/freelance lifestyle with somewhere different and obviously cheaper too.

Aside from the countires mentioned above, I would also consider Ecuador, Peru and Costa Rica in Latin America.

And lol to the recommendation of Veneuzula - if you want a history lesson in Socialism, it’s perfect :wink: You’ll also need a wheelbarrow for your cash! And possibly an AK-47 soon.