Anyone got suggestions on a nice place in the world to freelance?


Yes Chengdu (South China - ah that was sent to Adnan


@MojoJojo @wortime

I have worked in Thailand for a couple of months before - went to a really nice island called Koh Lanta (CHECK IT OUT) - was considering going back but want to get out of Asia for a while. Phuket is more expensive than a lot of Thai islands that meet the same requirement


@Neo I’d be freelancing online - so just need good internet


LOL, Yeah, met some amazing people from Venezuela, have an open invite to go to angel falls on a canoe expedition. But I think I am going to wait a bit to go…

I LOVE Ecuador! As long as your coastal or in Quito, internet speeds are solid. Cuenca has a very European feel to it, the churches are amazing, and the people are awesome. I still need to hit Chile and Argentina, but thats our goal.

We wnat to hike the true Incan trail from Colombia to South Argentina/Chile. We have hiked about 150 miles of it where we can find it so far. I highly recommend it. You can find some very secluded and seldom traveled spots on it.


I’ll say go to where girls are beautiful n nice (read: not princessy)

for that, Ukraine is great!

Good that you are leaving Chengdu, the girls there have fair skin but not that pretty, and they can be quite princessy


Taiwan, one of the safest place in the world and the people is nice too


but Taiwanese girls are expensive to upkeep. too princessy!

Ukrainian girls are beautiful and low maintenance. NICE


why would you upkeep one if there are plenty of them? haha, yeah I agree with you


there may be many pretty girls in Taiwan but most of them behaves like princesses because their parents and boyfriends spoilt them.
Plently of them expecting you to pay for this, pay for this, buy her a branded bag, buy her a house etc. Many chinese girls behave like that.

whereas in Ukraine, there’s just too many beautiful women and they feel inadequate in front of one another, so they aim to please instead of expecting to be pleased (see my instagram post above)

but if you are not motivated by pretty girls, then Thailand has great food, is cheap to live in, and is friendly towards farangs, aka foreigners.


Hey man, would be great if you could answer the following for better recommendations:

Cost of living is relatively low:
Budget per month for:
Accommodation Type and budget:
Room or Whole Unit?:
Transportation budget per month:

Good Internet
MBPS required and budget:

Clean air (currently in China)
Shenzhen’s and Guangzhou air is not bad as Shanghai and specially Beijing yeah?

Generally pleasant place to live:
Clean and peaceful country? Less crime?
Do you smoke?
Do you party?
Do you buy electronics all the time?
Do you shop a lot?


Regarding the girls - I’ve never had an issue in China - Cannot comment on Taiwan.

Anyway this isn’t the highest factor on my list for going to a place ha :slight_smile:


Cost of living - was hoping for $600 - $700 a month (for everything)

Good internet - I suppose around 20 MBPS

Don’t smoke or shop a lot - party sometimes. Prefer a country with less crime.

Hope that’s enough info anyway I was hoping this discussion would be useful for not just me but others too, looking to move locations.


Sorry man, based on $600- $700 I could not think of a country that suits your needs. But I hope some people here can help. Best of luck.


Could maybe go up to $800 -$900 but yeah was not hoping for much more


For USD600 a month, you would do well in Chiangmai, Thailand.

100~150 a month can get u a cosy studio apartment. Set aside 200 for food. U have lots of mola left for paying a good broadband service


Yeah considered CM may look into it again. Nice place :slight_smile:



Do not consider Africa - I am in Malawi atm:
Little Western standard house 60 USD per month
Internet depends where you are up to 3G
Food cheap if you buy local
So we are two, comfortable live on total 400 USD including all.
Girls are hot and horny, pay them a beer and she is yours


I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Colombia and can recommend Bogota. It’s a big city, if you spend time there, look at Parque 93, Zona T or Zona Rosa. They’re nice areas and have some amazing restaurants. Everything is really cheap in Colombia as well because the exchange rate is so good right now.


I second that, NB is expensive as well!