Anyone got suggestions on a nice place in the world to freelance?


Nomadlist is a really good site, thanks for the suggestion.

Budapest is currently no 1 on the list, that’s where I live. I love it btw and it can be cheap for foreigners. :slight_smile:


God were things that different a year and a half ago?

People a fleeing Venezuela now because they are starving, their president had to make give a speech where he reminded people that “rabits are food, not pets”.

And Ukraine, isn’t is almost at war right now?

But no one will argue that Ukrainian woman is the most beautiful in the world.

So where did you pick after all @josephd12345 ?


I still have not decided haha - just been travelling around a few countries in south east asia - I am looking at plodiv at the moment as a potential option


Portugal is a very good place and the cost of living is relatively low
or Thailand :slight_smile:


Where abouts in portugual would you reccommend?


Near the Cost is the best for me Ex. Peniche or Lisbon


Can you tell me a place?


I have not been to visit yet, but it’s perfect for surfing.
I will let you know willingly :smiley:


It depends where in China. Where I live it’s not polluted :grinning:


Look at Canary Islands. Best weather and low cost of living.


Where do you live?


Morocco ! :slight_smile:

Clean air
Fast internet (in the cities, of course)
Good weather all year (Christmas was around 20°C)
Cheap and safe

I don’t know about safety in South America, they have the worst security score according to the stats.


Moroccan cities are horrible as fuck if you don’t look Moroccan…

Hustlers everywhere…


Money rules in Morocco, so nothing to worry about if you don’t look moroccan.

But not speaking Arabic nor French will be a challenge


Yeah, but walking outside is just annoying as fuck.


Too hot in Taiwan