Anyone have less blocks after switching off Henry Cooper proxies?

I will probably get hated on for this because people will think I’m blaming all my problems on the proxies or a highly respected member here.

But I’m not. I’ve been a big fan of Henry Cooper and his proxies. And my Paypal history can very much back that up.

That said, I’m seeing a lot of reports around here of people using other proxies (i.e. datacenter, self-made, random mobile proxies from misc providers, etc) and having significantly less issues.

I’m willing to accept that it could be my settings, but I’ve been experimenting with my settings a lot and am curious if this could be a proxy issue before experimenting further (given HC proxies are used by so many people, it could possibly be leaving a nice pattern for IG’s machine learning algorithm).

Currently using HC client tier mobile proxies and I am curious if anyone else had been on HC proxies and then switched off and had any better success (less blocks, less ACs, etc)?
Or if there’s people on HC mobile tier client proxies that are doing fine?


It will always be hard to take input on something like this because there will be people with no problems, and people with lots of problems, but everyone will also have very different settings from one another. The only way for you to know yourself is to buy a couples dozen of other proxies and see if those accounts do better, worse, or neither.


Could just be changing ISP has given you a fresh start :+1:

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The best way is to test it out by your self. You can start with few proxy using other provider and see how it goes from there :wink:

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I did the same thing, less pvs less blocks, I wont go into much detail but i switched to first world proxies and they work a lot better.

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I’m interested. But aren’t IPv4s going to be on the same IP block or subnet as other proxies that are spammed to shit in datacenters?

I have tested @ciras proxies and they work great. Still using some of them today. If the subnet is clean, proxies are high quality and are close to your area, you’ll be surprised at what good data centers can do.

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I have said 1000 times Henry coppers proxies sux, nobody listened


Close to the area of your particular client I assume you mean.

just tagging @HenryCooper so you can respond in case you dont see this thread. Happy Sunday :partying_face:


I would say that if the ISP and location establish a differentiation for quality of 4g Proxy, then HC’s proxies are somewhere to Entry Level.

If HC sucks then suggest some that Rocks. That would help. :slight_smile:

I decided to leave HC for 3 reasons

  1. too much down time
  2. they no longer accept paypal
  3. Pierre is a jerk

I found the proxies to be no better or worse than other providers regarding action blocks


Agree with the Pierre comment.
Literally what made me decide to go elsewhere.

Probably shouldn’t have a dick as the spokesperson for the company.


Wow! That’s unfortunate. There are multiple 4G Proxy providers on the forum :blush:

True they treat customer as hell


Also can vouch for Pierre being a piece of shit. Support is terrible.


Please always state the whole truth, I f you wish I can share your tickets and needed info so everyone can see the whole picture before accepting you as a client :slight_smile:

Your mileage will vary, Henry always suggested splitting up your accounts between different providers - smaller providers have the benefit of a cleaner environment IP wise. On Telegram someone said people in his country polluted the Mobile ranges so far, that you can’t even create a legit IG account without trouble.

Nowadays it also seems very Account dependent - some Accounts simply work, no matter what you do, while other accounts run fine on the proxies - Find a common ground is hard this way. As BHVen said, every setup is different which make a general ‘This sucks, this is good’ categorization very hard. We have a lot of customers who are perfectly happy with using datacenter proxies, some found Raw to work better than Mobile, then others say the opposite.

But as always, you should always experiment and do whatever bring the best results for you since that’s what keeps you sane and maybe brings in some cash :slight_smile:

Go ahead, start a topic here - disclose my tickets & ask for feedback from the community about Pierre

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Agreed the support member you go threw trying to get proxies was huge dick. They are the ones losing money, I’m spending close to $500 or more a month on proxies since i manage a large number of eCommerce store accounts and they continue to grow.