Anyone having issues on JV last version?

Hey Guys,

anyone here is having issues since JV last update?
after months of no issues at all, since yesterday we are getting verifications on main (clients) accounts, mainly TL and PV.

we haven’t made any changes in our settings for months, we are using our own 4G proxies ( we have more than 100 proxies) ratio of 1:5.

also - scrapers are getting hit on a massive scale on very low API calls.

So, is this just us or something is going on out there???

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Same issue here. A lot of API calls fail for some reason. I also use around a 1:5 ratio.

Also, I had issues trying the 1:3 ratio. Only the 1:2 ratio is currently working, although still with API fails, despite lowering the number of calls.

If anybody knows if there were any recent changes, I’m curious to learn.

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Yes the same here, many problems with customer accounts some in review 24 hours, and scrapers die nonstop


please send email to JV, they have to understand that this issue is real.

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They know its real - everyone is talking about it on the LVL 3 forum. Its very bad. Hundreds of scrapers dying per day. TL/EMAIL/CAP happening on mains - some even going disabled.


JV response to my email this morning:
“We haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, nor we’ve received any recent complaints regarding that matter.”

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That’s their standard answer, always. I lost 500+ scrapers today and I am getting verifications on mains daily.


That’s terrible man, but are we sure it’s JV? is it possible that this is new IG update?

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Jarvee API emulation is months behind, they will release emulation update in autumn/winter. I wonder if someone of us will manage to last until then.

Everything was working fine until now, what ever is going on right now, it’s just from the last few days, something happened, either on JV’s end or on IG.

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Yes, for me and most people here everything was working smoothly as well - until Saturday.


Can’t wait to see this. Right now I’m trying different tools to supplement this situation.
Anybody knows a good way to manage 150+ accounts at once?

If anybody knows an emulator that can emulate several screens using your proxies, I would be very interested in that. I think the days using the API like we were before may be gone.

I’m also curious to know if anybody else found a way to fix this, since even 3 API calls are giving me errors, from brand new dedicated 4g IP proxies and accounts.

It depends on what kind of scraps you have - if you bought it, then it’s better not to do it. It is better to register yourself and confirm through the services that they allow you to use numbers to receive several SMS.
In general, when you just registered scraps, you need to confirm them by phone, as I said, this can be done using certain SMS services, after that they can be put into operation, only after 300-600 api zarpos, they will again fly out confirmation, after the second confirmations can work for me up to 15000 - 16000 api requests without any problems.

You should also pay attention to:

  • number of scraps to work accounts
    Are the screens on all the time or only for a certain time?
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Everything you wrote, is correct, but for last week. we are dealing with new situation now.
I had more than 2000 scraper, some home made, some I bought, kept them under 200 API calls per day, we lost just a few every day, less than 10…
In the last few days we are loosing between 50-100 every day, the scrapers are getting PV on less than 50 API calls, this is a new game we are playing now, and we still don’t understand the new rules.

Question 1 - Are your scraps open 24/7 or at fixed times?

24/7 but the actions are mainly during day time, so during the night they hardly do any work.

Они не работают по ночам, потому что ты их выключаешь? Или по какой-то неизвестной причине?

Same here, scrapers only worked max 7 days !


What does it mean? Scrap worked for 7 days and flew to captcha, phone or email verification?
Write everything in detail)