Anyone having issues on JV last version?

Are you running them API or eb?

Yes i got exactly this, my scraper are warmed up in a very good way! they suvived to all the wave wars but on these days they got TB one by one!

Some i was able to save some not.

Honestly idk if the issue comes from Jarvee or Instagram.

Jarvee had another issue, they show “red doth” TB on unfollow actions but if you open the EB the unfollow its performed correctly! they already fix it in the past but now the issue was back.

this is instagram problem, instagram better detect bad accounts and block them

This block affect also some “real account” that i used for scraping with API, and also some real account that i used as master.

More or less afftect the 80% of the global account that i have

yes, +90% accounts is blocked, i do some tests but i not see solution

Yes mee too, new scraper getting blocked quite istantly, im trying by OEB or at least stop all for a while

See what accounts. Are you asking for work accounts or scraps?

blank scrapers.

Check marketplace. But its not the providers with issues. Its IG being annoying.

My scraps work 24/7 and make over 16,000 api requests. Rarely, but sometimes 16,000.

Can you please tell us how you did it?

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Of course he wont

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or hes trying to sell scrapers… hmmm


If you do that with Jarvee and prove it - I’ll send you $1000 in any cryptocurrency you want :black_joker: :pray:


This guy is just another troll wanting to get in to Lvl 3 and get clients lol


I thought so too, all his comments are absurd.

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Hello everyone, guys :wave:t2:

I am very grateful to you for such a vigorous activity in discussing me and my actions, however, I did not expect that it would come to this :grinning:

Thank you all for your comments and appeals! :pray:t2:

For offensive and negative comments too - after all, they are justified and I understand you.

Here is my screen for today’s work, an average of 5-7-9000 API requests. Today is not a very good day, because I have my own personal proxy farm, and I got to the hospital and am 120 km away. from home, so while my friends got to my house to fix the irregularities, I had to lose half a day.

So that there is no talk that everything is given for money, I will also share with each of you a screenshot of my scrapbook settings, only already in personal messages, since I have concerns that the algorithms are not abruptly removed, I think you understand everything yourself. Who is interested - write in private messages.

Yes, a high rating is good, but my goal is just to communicate and help those who need it, if I wanted to sell services, I would make ads specifically and I think the result would be much cooler and I didn’t have to justify myself to anyone :))

In order to study the problem more deeply, it is necessary to understand the following…

“I immediately apologize for the moments that will seem so clear - this is more for those who are new and just starting to work with Jarvie, but it will also be interesting for experienced users (I hope :grinning: )”

And now, after the sentimentality, let’s move on to the essence of the problem.

Many of you want to know how I did it :point_down:t2:

Here’s the answer: there are many variables that affect the work of scraps, and many of you probably know this.

Not only their settings affect the work of scraps, but also how often they are in working order, they are not just idle, namely busy with actions, whether they work around the clock or on time, as well as what settings you have in your work accounts, what tasks you give to scraps, what is your ratio scraps to work accounts and in the end what are your global Jarvie settings, I’m already silent about proxy servers, which at least should have a reconnect at least every 1.5 hours…

On this, dear friends, those who disagree with me - let’s have discussions, I will be happy to talk with you and I will be grateful if you also share your experience.

Who has individual questions - write in private messages, I am currently in rehabilitation, so there is plenty of time for communication so far :grinning: :wave:t2:

I will be glad to help :blush:

And sorry for the English, I’m still learning :grin:

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Just to share my own experience :

Main account using decidated 4G proxy in my home country. Main account 7000k followers, existing since 2011.
I use 8 scrapers using 2 different 4G proxies (not the the the main is using) to harvest posts that are added to collections with JV Save Post Tool. Then I do 100 F/UF each day, manually using my phone and the Main Acc. So far, working very good.
Since a few days : impossible to use the API to add 100 posts to the saved collections of my main account, erros, verifications, blocks etc…
It’s the first time the save post tool is restricted like this… Before it was very open bar !!

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I support, the proxy does not need to be overloaded, since Instagram peels everything, so I also use a maximum of 8 working accounts and a maximum of 10-15 scraps per proxy. I also tried adding more, but Instagram is so insidious that everything works well for the first month or a month and a half, and then they start flying out en masse, so I am categorically against proxy overflow.

But I can’t agree about working with my hands, Jarvi copes with this task perfectly, what’s the point of doing with his hands.

I correctly work for years with no proxy but a dedicated 4G dongle with sim, 3 master and 27 scrapers (good quality scrapers that was selled to my with binary files and cookie included)

I have 2 pc dedicated with the same setup.

Any mess like this for years, ok some change password times to time; now all falling dow like all get tested, i recoverede thanks to the mail a loto of them but it jump out another mess from google account: after recover the account and confirm by phone number gmail told me to wait becouse dont recognise the device and it block the untrusted access (???)

So im waiting.