Anyone help and give me safe setting to run 2 pintrest account

anyone help and give me safe setting to run 2 pintrest account with one ip address

People who make threads like this need to be banned. Forum is becoming cluttered with users that can’t spend 1 minute looking up the most basic questions. Truly - if I had the power this guy would be banned on the spot


Bro… This is CLEARLY a woman… Did you even look at the profile picture? :wink:


Woman or smart marketer?


Good question…

Care to weigh in, @SkinnyGirl?


Well, I always asking myself is Skinnygirl really the girl on da pic or a smart marketer? :thinking:

If @SkinnyGirl u are really the lady in ur pic, u are truly awesome, I’m ready for an appointment.

if i was that smart marketer then why people on this forum every time i post on this group they ask the ADMIN TO ban me because i ask stupid questions lol but to me those questions are so important . about the picture yes its me and i want to be instagram influencer but this group is full of rude people :pensive: and they want ban me for just asking questions

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the reason for that is because those questions have been answered multiple time already. You can just use the search function and you’ll find all the answers you need. If you then still have specific questions people here are very happy to help :wink:

Maybe I am neither a girl nor a smart marketer :wink:

If you really care, find the answer here:


Loved your sentence there (“don’t help me if…”) LOL

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Things can be changed, man. Guides and tips that published few months before do not mean that will work now.