Anyone here experienced with Instagram ads

Hello, anyone here experienced with instagram ads? If there is an expert with instagram ads, let me know please!

yes its be nice to hear some tips and tricks for Instagram ADS

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how can i help you ?


Go see @Paradox here: He gives some useful info as well:


Yeah, I ran ads for a long time. Now, I have someone I trained to do the work for me.


i think i can help you if you are doing e-commerce with instagram.
IG Ads are really great for an e-commerce

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Does anyone know if you do an IG ad and promote one of your posts, does it show to your followers that you promoted it or only to the random people that it reaches?

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No it does not show the post to your followers. Unfortunately, there is no way to show your post to your followers directly. There are techniques you can do to hit similar people (overlap) like using a custom audience on the people who engaged on your profile, or people who visited your profile or sent you a DM/saved posts but you can’t hit followers directly unless you upload your own custom audience populated by your followers (like an email list of your followers)


What are your secrets??
I’m trying to sell digital comic books on my account but its extremely difficult to get sales despite my rather large follow base.

there is no secret.
I’ve been selling apparel product.
follow base is doesn’t matter.
If you trying to sell product,follower quality is important.
So don’t F/UF or some spammy strategy, it never helps your sales.
F/UF or spammy strategy only works if you trying to scam someone or cheat someone.

my ig account has only 7k follower and average spending per customer is 120$.
ad result on this month. been good ROAS since 2k follower.

on my another ig account(only 26k follower)
average spending per customer is 80$
ad result