Anyone Notice A Large Drop in Followers Across Their Accounts Today?

This morning MP reported drops of 5%-10% across all 20 of my accounts. I checked the numbers manually with my browser and they matched what MP was reporting.

The number followed remained within the normal daily fluctuations, just my follower numbers were hit.

Since each account was hit, it seems highly unlikely it’s due to normal activity. I rarely ever see a drop in Followers for more than one or two accounts from day to day. This is unprecedented.

Anyone else see a drop in Followers across all their accounts today?

Maybe Pinterest was on banning spree last night :slight_smile: I haven’t noticed anything.

Could it be your follow tool stopped and only unfollow tool worked last day or two? Followers are lost usually when you’re only unfollowing.

Lost around 100 followers overnight on an account, it does have some fakes so that is what I figured it was.

Thanks Adnan -

Yes, I’m hearing from others that Pinterest did a major sweep on accounts to clear out spammers. That explain why there was a comparable drop across all my accounts.

Good to know that 1) None of mine got hit, and 2) there’s a relatively small percentage of followers who are spammers.

I lost about 1,900 followers out of 70,000.

Yeah, i got a drop to, about 10% on average, thank god i made all my new accounts look real enough not to get caught in the sweep knocking my wooden leg

Yeah, it seems to be about 10% on average across all my accounts. Some only lost a few dozen, but some lost several hundred. I suspect those were in the spammy niches like diet and fashions.

Interesting though, I have three accounts in a popular niche that are only about a week old. I’ve been running full tilt following several hundred a day, and using another tool to replace the target URL in 100% of the pins with a redirect domain to my money site. I’m running about 100/pins per day …those were not touched… not sure how they escaped notice.

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That would be a nice feature for MP, i can think of a view way that would come in handy :wink:

Yeah, I was bummed that it’s not available. I have to use Jon Leger’s Social Multiplier to get that feature. It’s only available as part of his membership at $97/mo. …ouch.

You can create a similar function in MP by scraping pins, to your post listings in a campaign. But the lack of automation is brutal. To pin 100 pins a day across 20 accounts would take hours of prep work each day.

MP is a much better tool, but that missing feature really limits it’s use for me with Pinterest.

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Yeah i have been saying for a long time that the pinterest module is not getting the attention from developers and MP users it really deserves, i am looking for a replacement tool that can at least automate the boards and throttle the sources it uses for the pins, if you use keywords now your pins will get buried fast there is just no way to regulate that.

I haven’t found one yet :frowning:

Well if you come up with a software tool, there’s money it. Jon Leger sells a lifetime license for Social Multiplier for $2,000. All it does is search out pins by keywords, scrapes them, changes the target URL, and posts them. It will also do follows and unfollows, but with minimal controls.

I prefer SM for building followers, likes, and comments. It’s much more flexible. But it falls down when it comes to strategic pinning.

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Jon Leger’s group has been promoting a strategy that uses their Social Multiplier tool to curate pins from other accounts using keywords, then changing the target URL to a redirect domain in 100% of the pins.

Basically 100% of the pins in each account point to a money site. They use PHP and an .htacess file to swap out the root domains on the incoming URLs instead of 301 redirects. It tests clean in a redirect sniffer.

They claim a suspension rate of less than 5% across hundreds of accounts. Since the process is completely automated it really doesn’t matter if an account gets suspended, there’s very little time invested in each one. They don’t even bother taking the time to completely fill out the account and confirm the website.

It’s too early for me to validate all their claims, but I can say in one of my accounts (in a popular niche) I’m running 100 pins/day, repinned from other accounts, and redirecting 100% of those pins to my money site. I’m seeing 100 or more visitors a day from just that one account. It’s just a few weeks old with less than 600 followers.

I’ve not tried redirecting pins in any of my aged accounts, I have too many followers to risk losing without testing it first. So my current project is to scale up this repinning/redirection strategy to 20-30 accounts and see how it plays out.

I don’t think I’m giving away any proprietary information here, it all can be found in public webinars Jon Leger’s team has recorded in YouTube to sell their software.

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I am not really a Jon Leger fan to be honest, to much of a slick guru type marketer that i hate, if you look at his salespages and products (like all “guru’s”) and his earning claims he should be a gazillionaire right now, if it was all true he could say to Trump: hey poor guy, fuck off", i doubt everything that comes out of his mouth.

But that is just me ranting about guru’s lol :slight_smile:

Yeah I also lost about 5-10% of my followers. Let’s see what happens in the next days…:sweat_smile:

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For sure. The first question I always ask is “if it’s working so well why are you spending valuable time telling us about it and not just doing it yourself?”.

You have to pick the ideas that might have merit and test them yourself. For every strategy that works, I toss out about 10 others.


@jd.stiegman Because selling your tool has a monthly good profit :+1:

On this forum there are 4.000+ members with " massplanner user badge "
4.000x monthly fee$ = good money :heart_eyes:
And i believe there are manyyyyy more.
It’s enough to buy every month 1+ Ferrari😂

So yes selling your idea/tool is also a good smart move👍

Hate to ruin the dream for you, but there aren’t that many. Everyone that tries MP gets an account and that badge, which remains even if they don’t pay as it was too much of a hassle to remove it automatically ( and manually it’s out of the question :smiley: ). So yeah, most have used MP at least for the trial period but not that many remained as clients :slight_smile:

Ahaha, :joy: Ok
If someome don’t pay or end it delete the badge😬

i haven’t noticed any changes in followers, things have been pretty consistent with my accounts

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Yeah, that would be best but it’s not that easy to integrate two completely different systems, we’ll see if and how we can do it in the future.