Anyone noticed Instagram organic reach decrease?

We see a dramatic decrease in organic reach for our Instagram posts in the last 3-4 days.

Have you noticed something of the kind?

What have you been using to post content?

Are you performing lots of actions on your account?

Are you using any proxies or what type of connection are you using?

Are your posts still getting good engagement or not really?

Maybe IG wants you to post reels :grimacing: Static feed post reach is constantly decreasing over the years since reels are way more popular. I’ve heard that 90% of the impressions on IG in 2021 are based on reels and only 10% static posts.

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This is possible for sure. But we’ve got a very rapid downtrend. I don’t think Instagram is going to become TikTok #2, which would be true in case they really gave 90% of views to reels.

  • What have you been using to post content?
    Different tools in different accounts. Some of them use only native app, others use Creative studio or other apps

  • Are you performing lots of actions on your account?

  • Are you using any proxies or what type of connection are you using?
    Some of them use 4g proxies, some of them don’t use any

  • Are your posts still getting good engagement or not really?
    We get approximately 2-3 times less engagement. Like getting 100 likes instead of 200 or 300.
    Not zero, but much less.

My posts have not hit explore (no explore line shown in insights) since last Monday. Prior to that, everything was hitting explore very well.

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What were you doing to hit Explore before? Power likes, Collaboration?

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What about hashtags? Do you use them? Have you noticed any change?

I use them. I never get great reach from them regardless but I haven’t changed my strategy. I am showing up in hashtags though so it doesn’t appear to be a shadowban. I’ve spoken to other people who are experiencing the same thing with explore.

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We are seeing a big loss in hashtags reach. Like we used to have 25-50K reach, and now we’re getting 1-10K… Or even less than 1K. Which is strange, as the posts are showing up when you perform a hashtag search.

It started a week ago or so. And I wonder how does it all work. If a post come up in hashtag search, and there’s a number of people that follow these hashtags, how is it even possible the reach decreases that much?.. Looking for an answer… Have not yet found it


It would be nice if there was an answer but the truth is it’s probably just a glitch and/or unintended consequence of something else. There’s good waves and bad waves. Nothing you can do but ride it out and wait for it to improve.

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Adam Mosseri had a live session, where he explained the update in Instagram algorithms. He told that bloggers should better communicate with their subscribers instead of concentrating on reaching people from explore or hashtags, that have never heard of them before.

Therefore, ‘It’s a feature, not a bug’.

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it means tag and spam no hashtags is over?
I was getting 5k-100k like this on explore page, in the last week all my recent posts getting less then 200 on explore(non followers) even posts with 5k home +200 shares +320 saves(1200 likes) and only 98 on explore…everything was organic and manually :confused: very confused could you please explain how its a future by your point of view Ty for your wisdom

It’s yes and no at the same time, IMHO

YES, Instagram wants to get more money from bloggers to reach their audience. We’ve all seen Meta stock price drop yesterday. They surely need more money for their “metaverse” that already cost $10bn, and there’s no end to it yet. Mosseri says: you need to pay to reach people that are not following you.

NO, just because things don’t work like this. I need a social network to get viral reach. There’s no other purpose of it. In case Instagram keeps doing like it does recently, there will be no Instagram users pretty soon. As a user I do not want to see only paid ads in my feed. If I post something that matters for me, I want Instagram to find people that also relate to the issue, and show them my post. If this doesn’t happen, I don’t need the social network.

I strongly believe that Instagram made a wrong decision, and they’ll have to rethink it pretty soon. Or go out of business. Whatever they prefer.


My hashtag reach is now 5% or less of what it used to be…
I really think if they want to limit the hashtag expousure a lot of people will stop using instagram…

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They actually updated the feed, and it’s posted here:
How Instagram Feed Works
What posts do I see in my Instagram feed
Posts from accounts you follow on Instagram will appear in your feed.

That’s it. You. Just. Don’t. See. Any. Other. Posts.
Well, in fact the recommended posts show up in the feed, but after you’ve read everything that was posted by the accounts you follow. This is why your organic reach became a fraction of that it was just a couple of weeks ago.

BUT I’m pretty sure that in case they leave it this way, they won’t have any Instagram users at all.
What we need a social network for is organic reach. In case I don’t have it (or at least a chance to get it), I won’t even try to use such a social network.

Thanks! To be honest since this change I’ve been posting less, it is really boring to post and only reach the same people, it is impossible to grown this way…

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And…thats only question of time for your current followers stop liking your posts and later on unfollow you…this is literally boring. accounts growth will start going backwards…slowly but surely

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I don’t want to spend my time and energy to just keep my account in the same level, if it isn’t growing I will probably stop using instagram, it simply doesn’t make sense for me


It won’t stay at the same level. It will shrink, as users will start leaving Instagram.
The only way to grow an account I see for now, it to make viral content in TikTok and motivate those people subscribe to Instagram.

But it’s a tricky way, and is really hard to be implemented.

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