Anyone still market on tumblr?

Looks like nobody is using tumblr anymore for driving traffic, any Guru here in this forum?


I used it for a while for two accounts. Followback ratio was awful (like 1 in 20), got 0 traffic. Figured after a few weeks it was a waste of CPU and finally removed it from MP.

Good luck finding a tumblr guru :smiley:


Waste of CPU :joy:

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hmmmm does not sound good

Tough reality :slight_smile:

I have tried it and wasn’t successful driving traffic as I hoped.

From what I heard, it’s good for adult traffic. Doesn’t work that well with other niches.

I’ve been working with Tumblr for a while now.

If you never used it organically, don’t bother trying to market to its audience. Tumblr is very “weird” and you won’t go far without understanding its culture.


True, even for NSFW? Does it work for NSFW. What is weird about tumblr is that they even ban accounts for not doing much. Like I have accounts that have around 11 posts (with links) following 100 a day and after a while they get terminated. Any idea why?

I stopped using my tumblr account. Followback ratio was abysmal.

There’s still probably some money to be made on tumblr, but I’d rather focus on a more productive channel.

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I have 300k+ on Tumblr! I built mine before I ever knew about massplanner. I was using automations from other sources by reposting photos from WeHeartIt with tags and showing up #1 in all the fitness tags (gaining 500 new followers a day). Tumblr, being like IG and FB lol, shut down those automations and kept shadow banning my problem. I finally have it back up now and am slowly growing again. Tumblr has been well worth it for me, I’ve made very good $$$ on there in the fitness niche with selling ebooks. I didn’t find any of the mp automations useful though. What’s best for Tumblr is uploading photos with good tags, self promoting/catchy caption when you reblog a pic, or mass sending messages asking for a blog rate (I’ve never done that but I’ve seen many others). If you guys have anymore questions on here!


I’m using for linkbuilding. About traffic is a waste of time.
Followback, I’m not recommend. If you want followers, it will be better give likes and post good content.

Not really. It’s takes time to get followers