Anyone succeeded in changing TikTok account location?

That only changes content that you want to VIEW, not content being shown to the audience that you put out.

Customlogovideos , so is there a hack to show my videos in different country

Yes sir there most certainly is.

unfortunately theres no lvl3 available here for tiktok.

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I’m dealing with the same problem. If someone figures out how, please let me know.

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The population of my country is small and not supportive of my content.

I tried a lot of methods and none of them worked except one.

  1. Get the sim card out of the phone
  2. Download a VPN
  3. Pick the preferable country where you want your content to be shown

Here’s how it works for me

On the left screenshot, the sim card is inside the phone + no VPN
On the right one I pulled the sim card out + turn on VPN with US geo


Yes there is, check my recent answer

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Will my current videos be promoted to the location?

If you are going to create a new account and start posting with SIM card out + VPN turned on (make sure to pick the location you need) then your posts will be shown to the audience in that region. But if you already have an account and would like to target people from the other country, I’m not sure that it’s gonna work properly as it should with the new account.


I’m not in the US but I do have a US sim card in my phone, would it work too if I keep my SIM card in my phone and just use the VPN?

Not really sure about that. I also have US sim card but when I switched them TikTok still showed me content in my native language, I assume that it was like this because of the Ukrainian Wi-Fi IP address. The only one method that worked for me is the one that I described earlier )))


Got it. I’m going to play around with this the comign days and see if it works with SIM.

I want to try it, but I’m scared my videos would just get stuck inside my country too.

Does that also mean that your videos will be viewed by your vpn region when you take out your simcard ? Because I really want my videos to be seen from the USA instead of my country

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The only way that worked for me was to remove your sim and get a new sim from the country you want your videos to pop up.

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Did you have to make a new account for that ? And will your videos be viewed by that country too ?

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No I just switched sims and I was still in the same account and yes your videos will pop up where the sim card is from

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Hey man! Can you say what specific VPN do you use?

Yeah sure, NordVPN


Thanks for the quick reply, my man! Hi to you from Dnepr :slight_smile: