Anyone using catchall emails for account creation?

If so, how many accounts are you creating per domain?

I have a handful of domains that I’m not using right now, so was going to use them for catchall emails.

I was thinking of creating about 10-30 accounts per domain, but wondering if anyone else has gone down this route and what has worked for you so far.

Around 5 per domain. However I don’t see why it would be an issue creating more. It’s like gmail and hotmail

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Thanks for your input, @wemakeitwork .

I’m trying to limit my footprint with each domain, so Pinterest doesn’t come along and wipe out all the accounts in one fell swoop based on the domain.

Any particular reason you create around 5 per domain and not any more? You think more would be too risky?

I’ve never risked over 5 because 1) I have lots of domains to use and 2) I can afford for 5 accounts to go down but any more would have been a waste of time and money.

Afaik , using one of the big providers which have a phone verification for email signup , gives the accounts a better trust score. I literally tested that. Is it worth it? That’s a different question.


Makes sense. Thanks.

That’s a good point and not one that crossed my mind. Seems logical.

The way I like to think about ‘trust score’ is-
% of legit people doing X VS % of :robot:bots doing X

if there are 1000 legit people VS 100 bots using gmail
and 2000 bots VS 500 legit using
and using ‘catchall’ would be 0 legit people VS X bots ) ) hope it makes sense lol

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