Anyone using pinterest for affiliate marketing?


Hey guys,

Did anyone already tried to post pins with direct affiliate links on pinterest ? Ali Express or Amazon links ?


Yes I pin amazon and awin products directly to pinterest everyday and its working just fine.


Are you in the US or elsewhere. I didn’t think US Amazon affiliate allowed Pinterest pins as a traffic source for affiliate marketing?


Hey, I have been using Amazon associate program with Pinterest for years now and they do allow Pinterest traffic but they don’t say it out loud if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I make sales every single day from pins I added years ago! Got tons of tutorials on YouTube but not sure am allowed to add a link in here.


What is your YouTube channel name?


Does Pinterest allow affiliate links? Or after shortening they do go though?


I don’t think Pinterest allows shortened links. They do allow affiliate links.


Hi, I am truly sorry for the late reply! My YouTube channel is life styling space


Pinterest allows some shortened links. They block links to Clickbank, and links shortened with and Your best bet for shortened links is to install a link shortner plug-in on your website if you have a wordpress site.
Pinterest doesn’t care about affiliate links but they have blocked some sites that they deem as spam. Amazon links are fine. According to Amazon you have to have more than 500 followers and then you can pin affiliate links to Pinterest. Amazon automatically gives a short link.