Anyone Using Redirects in Pinterest?

Anyone using redirects to send visitors from multiple Pinterest accounts to a single money site?

I’d be curious to hear of any issues you’ve run in to, particularly getting flagged or suspended by Pinterest.

I’m about to launch a campaign with 15 different Pinterest business accounts, using javascript redirects to a single money site. Testing to see how far I can push it before something breaks.

Pinterest is good at detecting redirects, be careful, if you’re redirecting to content they don’t allow, you’ll probably get domain/s banned.

Thanks Adnan -

I’m using a redirect in .htaccess that replaces the domain but leaves the URL intact. I’ve tested it with 301 redirect trackers and the forwarding is not detected. It shows the redirect domain and url intact.

But I’d like to hear from anyone who has experienced account or site suspensions after using redirects.


Wow !!! So the link of the domain in bio remains (in the eyes of the same ? Plz dm any url i can read about this amazing !

Also pinterest is full of bots also , with mp setting how to avoid it ? I don’t see same settings or even the half as ig…only to have profile photo and nowadays most creators have and profiler

Also i want to mentio , i have not uploaded url in 1 Total fresh account doing 450 follows first day no pv nothing.Another one uploaded link of my website same day , no prob(just on that i did not 2months actions)