Anyone with Tinder experience? Read 📖


I would like to know what’s your experience with Tinder and whether you managed to scale it.
I am currently locked at creating new accounts since you get ghosted on any fingerprint.

If there’s any geek that has experience with mockers and fingerprints changers write down here!

Share your experience or ask me any questions!

I’ve managed to arrange 3 dates through Tinder, but couldn’t scale it up, maybe because of my profile pic :joy:

On a serious note, I have no idea, but surely someone here in adult niche will be able to help :slight_smile:


well yeah you can make the accounts ive done it through emulator it works fine

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At the moment, tinder traffic is much, much slower. I use mobile proxies for it on incognito with a fresh browser everytime.

ahahaha, good one, and not maybe, for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

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you could actually even make accounts from the browser (why use the emulator to get an even worse elo?)

thing is that after you bot hard you get shadowbanned, so a reset method would be appealing to get that elo boost after each fresh acc (note that tinder stores fingerprints :frowning: )

Am looking for a reliable SMS provider cuz smspva’s tinder’s numbers are sh*t and don’t work at all (this is not hate, but facts). Tried contacting them and said to wait until they replace them lol

maybe try pva pins