Are appeal forms down?

I have another disabled account, im sending appeals for that one also but im NOT getting any response. It asks me for a mugshot with the code but i dont get any response after sending the photo. I tried several different email addresses.

It can currently take 2+ weeks for a response.
As you submitted the form and got the code: No, the forms are not down. IG is just slow.

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I don’t think they are down, probably they are having more and more similar requests and they need much more time to answer to all of them.

How long are you waiting? I submitted mine on 21th September and got a reply 2nd or 3rd October.

Currently waiting on a reply for the ones I sent on 16th October.

As someone already mentioned it can take 2-3 weeks if not longer currently. Appeal forms are working except the one who asks for confirmation.

I got a reply after 2 days last week.Wainting times are all over the place.
I am guessing its because of the US elections.
hopefuly it gets back to normal after…

The last time I contacted them I got a reply 24 hours later and then every 5-6 hours (exchange conversation) so I guess that depends on other factors…

Is there anyone here who can place an appeal form on my behalf? I am on ios and don’t have access to it. Willing to pay as well…

You don’t need to be on a specific platform:

Otherwise, you can find this service here:

Been trying again using this link. Last december it works. Now it doesnt. I mean the link works but when try to submit the form it says " There was a problem with this request. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can."

you need to try from different devices and IPs and you might be able to appeal, this is what I did and it worked.

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With same country with the previous appeals? Or do I need to change the country too?

Luca is right. I got the same error. After changing my IP to another IP by using a proxy (different country), I could submit the form, then got a reply from Facebook.

Thanks Luca, good tip :pray:

Will try this. Hope VPN`s will work too. Thank you.

different Ip from a different country and you will be able to submit the form with no issues.