Are IPv6 proxies good for social media marketing?

Is there a downside in using IPv6 proxies for social media marketing? I ask because they are a lot less expensive that IP4 to the point that it almost seems to good to be true. Ive found sites offering unlimited ip6 proxies with unlimited bandwidth for $14 a week and some offering 100 ip6 proxies for $25 a month. I’m very skeptical so I am thinking it has to be some reason that I would not want to buy these.

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I use both massproxy (IPv6) and Instantproxies(normal proxies good price).My proxies work similar , the problem is Ipv6 (mine at least) do not login to other sites i need them.For social media however they are ok for me.Now i do not recommend anything , just personal experience.Try some and think about it.My 10k+ accounts ofcourse for good or for bad are at instant proxies


There is a huge difference between all of this ipv6 offers…

Here a few questions you should ask yourself or the provider.

  • Unlimited proxies in the /32 subnet?
  • Unlimited proxies in the /48 subnet?
  • Unlimited proxies in the /58 subnet?
  • Unlimited proxies in the /64 subnet?

The nature of ipv6 is that you COULD make as many proxies as you want in any given subnet above. If you should, thats a different question.

In general any service that offers “unlimited” is doing overselling. Unlimited just means: “the average customer is consuming less resources then what i have costs”.

About the topic ipv6 vs ipv4 , it depends on the subnet owner. If its a spammy company they will be flagged, if its a legit company in good standing they will work fine. How do they know? There is also a “ip whois” like we have it for domains.

EDIT : Economical tipp -> Optimize on accounts growing and on earnings per account first , before you try to save money on the chair you are sitting on.


Thanks for the info. And yea I have been optimizing accounts for a long time now. I only have like 10 ip4 proxies right now. I am looking to expand to increase income. It has been my dream for several years now to do this as my main source of income and I think expanding is the only way I can do it.

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Time to grow.If you know how to use the accounts for an income , no reason not to expant the maximum possible

All the best !

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Well I tried one IPv6 proxy provider guess this will be kind of a update and review all in one. Their deal was 100 proxies for $25 a month. The first set of proxies they sent I was not even able to login to but they were fairly quick about issuing a new set of 100 proxies. The next set I got as soon as I tried to create a Gmail account I got a phone verification and when I tried to create a social media account I was asked for verification.With my current IP4 provider this generally only happens after I have created too many accounts on one proxy. So I emailed support and got another set of 100 proxies in less than 24hrs. This time I was able to create a Gmail account with no problem but once again when creating a social media account I instantly got a verification request. So at this point I just figured that all of the proxies are shared and asked them to cancel and they agreed. Overall I don’t think they are a bad company or anything but I don’t think that they are a good choice for someone doing social media marketing. It’s another company I am thinking of but they are a bit more expensive. They do have a lot of good reviews. I will update again if I decide to give them a try.

That sounds like shared ipv4 hidden under a ipv6 offer.

If one ipv6 subnet /32 doesnt work , then all of the ips on that subnet should not work.

And there is no reason having shared ipv6, you can make as many possible ips as you want within a /32 .

Today the whole my own /32 got banned
Firstly it’s been banned by google, a little bit later it’s been banned by ig
That’s pity

P.s. i was using its IP’s no more than for 2-3 months with 3-4 k accounts (i do not think its a lot of)

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Oh i tried their ipv6 proxies before, and they leak the ipv4 tunneled ip. For some time i cant figure out the technical stuff so i emailed support and asked why is it showing ipv4 sometimes, and then i figured it’s using dual stack. I may be wrong, since it happened a long time ago, the support told me the only way to go native ipv6 is that the connection has to be ipv6, well duh, just that i can’t get that working.

@Verona Not sure if they ban /32 but banning /64 is common, /32 banning is a little extreme. But 3 to 4k accounts is still alot even if it’s on a ipv6 when they only look at subnet level. Perhaps something is linking your accs and leaking stuff, thats all i can guess.

If the subnet doesn’t carry any “good” accounts , they have no reason to believe its a “normal user” subnet.


Are you still having good success with accounts on MassProxy?
I just posted this and was hoping to hear from people’s experiences before moving forward: Anyone successfully use MassProxy proxies?

Someone has used
from BHW they seem quite new, but they’re exist for a while on RU forums.
They’re prices are cheap AF. even cheaper than MassProxy.

Cheap = abused IMO


What is “banned” ? Like banned, follow banned ?

That sounds like shared ipv4 hidden under a ipv6 offer.

How i can test if my ipv6 is not a hidden ipv4 ?

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You can’t if the provider does not want to . We established many techniques to hide our IP ranges from our competitors and give them the least amount of exposure to any online tracking service / pixel / cookies . At certain “break points” we use a different IPs to hide from the Instagram Cookie .

To get back to your initial question . IPV6 works as good as IPV4 if done right and with good quality .


Just not with Twitter :roll_eyes:

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I don’t know . Should have clarified that I meant Instagram , sorry .

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Can you give any practical examples of what you would mean by IPv6 ‘done right’?