Are there any good pinterest with Jarvee?

I am looking for a good guide about Pinterest. I planned to pin video only, I already have the content.
If someone has any guide to start with the right step using Jarvee, I want it.

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I’ve been growing a pretty big pinterest network using JV. got to 700k monthly viewers in 2 months.

I did have to do some verification checks at some point because pinterest banned my accounts


There are some quite interesting threads that can help you to get some ideas on what you should do under Pinterest Marketing category:

However, if you don’t find what you are looking for, Jarvee has a blog on it’s own where you could find some suggestions on how to use your Pinterest accounts with Jarvee :slight_smile:


Nice, any tips on how to achieve something like this?

repin 100+ times per day

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It’s not possible to publish video post to Pinterest using Jarvee.

If you have images on your computer, you can use Monitor Folder to add those images to Posts list tab in Jarvee.

@ashmar ive been thinking about trying to grow a pinterest account, do you make any money off it? is it worth doing? and any tips for starting off?

which is better between Jarvee and Tailwind?

Jarvee has much more options and features and you can consider it as friendly user interface you just have to get used to it :smiley:

I haven’t tried the other one, but Jarvee has a free trial, so you can test it out. There are some really great features for Pinterest and it’s easy to use.

Jarvee is the most complete automation software so, there should be no doubts.

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