Are these earnings even possible?

Luxury lifestyle IG account makes $1million+ a month he Claims mainly through his IG account with 1.7 million.

I think he actually makes $1m a month because he recorded his Paypal account and showed the dates.

I asked him and he says he makes it mostly from affiliate marketing and advertising though IG.

So, my question is for you experienced IGers… Are these earnings even near possible? With 1 big IG account???

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He is lying. The reach of his posts is small for his size.


That is like having 170 accounts with 10.000 followers ?

I am wondering how much you can make with 170 acc with 10.000 followers and affiliate marketing. It is not an impossible goal…


I actually am with Dimitri on this… Its all about how he utilizes the followers/account to pull in revenue…


it may or may not. one thing I learned about making money…if you make alot of it…you don’t spill the beans… usually overestimated if they do make claims.


It was more like a question… I mean making 170 accounts with 10.000 followers is not an impossible goal.

I am wondering what kind of revenue you can expect in that case with affiliate marketing…


You’d wanna shoot for an evergreen niche imo… Likely beauty or something like that…
I had a good experience being super lazy, only auto posting on 1 Facebook with Markethealth offers so I wonder what the results would be through 170 IG’s… I’m sure it would be 100x better if you had real people posting about the product.
I’ve always found more business on Facebook than instagram. Even if its about their instagram…


It’s not all from his IG page. He mentions having an Agency.

“Advertising, affiliate marketing, bio link conversion, consulting, flipping pages, freelancing, growth services, product promotion, etc” - These services can bring in K’s already.

  • from the pricing of his packages (for ads, coaching, etc) + the affiliate setup he has on his products (the high amount of commissions he gives affiliates, shows me, he must have a killer upsell on the backend) + assuming he has a bunch of it outsourced (or managed by his agency) in some way.

I do see the money in this.

People on IG pay this kind of money for fake followers and shoutouts.


These sound like conclusions you made on your own.
I’ve only seen claims of 10k+ a day on the website.
Mind sharing this video link? :grin:

He’s exaggerating his profits so he can sell his coaching services.


Bro, just follow him on ig and watch his stories he posts how much he has earned now and again through Paypal. When I ment video I ment a video on his stories…

Now why would I come up with a conclusion like that without having seeing some kind of proof of it. What you wrote is dumb asf…

And plus I have spoke to the guy multiple times on dm so that’s how I know…

As it seems you are new to Internet Marketing , proof means nothing as long as it is “online” or digital .

Are you asking a question , or are you trying to promote a service ?[quote=“richcurt94, post:1, topic:24164”]
I think he actually makes $1m a month because he recorded his Paypal account and showed the dates.

Stop being a fool please . You can manipulate all packages sent or received by the browser . This obviously also includes paypal transaction stats .

EDIT: i removed the account name from the initial post and reported it myself so a moderator can look over my decision .


Not really being a fool, if I was that much of a fool I wouldn’t making a post about such IG account. I just wanted an experienced IGers opinion on the matter. But a few seem to think the numbers are possible also. So who knows…

Without looking at who said that , i will lean myself far out of the window and call them fools too .

Welcome to Internet Marketing btw :slight_smile:

(Hint: There is no passive income or easy money)


Ha I know lol

You better make that a feature account. 10K, people are willing to pay $30 for one permanent post.

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Okay…Just asked for a video :sweat_smile:
I’m sorry i’m so dumb as fack…

Sorry, sir!


With Ig profile with 250k followers I was charging $30 per post or $25 per post if someone takes a bulk. I did shoutouts each day.

I pay similar amount for shoutouts on accounts in different niche.

I think that people exaggerate prices when they speak about shoutouts.


This. 13 more chars


A sucker is born every minute as the saying goes. If ya believe this crap…you are like the millions out there that their wallets drink lies when empty of thirst for cash