Are this dongles good for creating 4g proxy?

i bought 10 dongles like this ,but i have problems when i try to connect 2 dongles on same pc , the second one disconect first one .
this is the model and specs :

4G LTE USB Modem Network Adapter With WiFi Hotspot SIM Card 4G Wireless Router For Win XP Vista 7/10 Mac 10.4 IOS
100%brand new and high quality.
Not only a 4G USB Modem, but also a USB Wi-Fi Router
Wireless access is available on 3G, 4G network and Wi-Fi networks.
Convenience and portable, the 4GDONG001 is simple to use and sports a stylish appearance.1e1
High speed internet access, suitable both office and at home
it can also be used via notebook, laptop, UMPC and MID devices.
Inserting a SIM card acts as a wireless router with simple operation, no need to set up.

Type: Network Card
Chip: Qualcomm 9600
Color: White
Size: 95x33mm
Material: PS
Transmission rate: 150Mbps
USB: standard USB interface
Frequency band: B1, B3

Package included:
1 x 4G LTE USB Modem
anyone can help please ?
thank you

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nobody can help ?

You want to connect those 10 dongles into a PC to make 10 proxies?

I don’t think you can connect two dongles…It is like you can’t connect two ethernet cables or two WiFi at the same time.

so how people make their own proxy 4g ?

Don’t buy wifi ones and stick to Huwaei.

Yeah you can. And several people have this. How ever it’s like this is one huge big secret on the whole internet. No one can explain this. There’s exactly 0 tutorials and if there’s any explanations out there that I found, they don’t work when put into practice.

I tried doing this myself over the last month basically 24/7 only this and with little result. I got 1 dongle to work but not multiple. I bought alot of hardware shit and only little worked (pi’s and more). Connecting 1 dongle per pc/or whatever, works. Attaching multiple doesn’t since it starts conflicts.

But yes, it’s surely possible. People have done it and have whole setups. Every setup is a little different though it seems.

Huawei is good for 1. If you get multiple then it’s complete shit. All ips are the same on those things and they lock the ip’s so you can’t change them. This means you gotta tweak alot of shit (either flash that thing or use routing which takes very extensive knowledge) but again, there’s little info on this and if there is any it doesn’t even work

there are people that own 100+ dongles …4g proxy …

Yes they do but like I said, it’s one huge mystery

What I know is using Raspberry Pi + 4G dongles.

To make 100 proxies, you need 100 Raspberri Pi + 100 dongles.

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That’s 1 option. However this is way to expensive. It’s entirely possible to have 1 raspberry pi + 10 dongles or even more. How? Yeah that’s the big big question.

1 raspberri pi 4 can run upto 10 proxy , maybe more

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someone with linux knowledge can do that

You have to buy huawei dongles with older version of the soft, the new soft doesn’t allow to configure custom IP address. There is no way to downgrade software other than custom firmware, but doing so wrong may leave you with a permamently blocked dongle.
I use iphones and ccproxy.

Trust me, there’s way more to it than just linux knowledge. Besides that, about the linux knowledge, you need someone very experienced in it.

Either that or someone that has done it before and can give step by step instructions.

Yes I heard about this also. I tried flashing my dongle to a different webui version with no luck.

Do you have any idea on how to do this on the e3372h? Love to know

you can pay someone

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Too difficult to achieve…And any problem will make all your proxies down at the same time…Not so good

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