Are traditional marketing companies worth it?

First post here - hello and please go easy on me :slight_smile:

I’m a one man band, so I’m always toying with the idea of outsourcing the marketing side of my very modest business (I’m more of a logistics guy!)

With that in mind, are traditional marketers worth considering compared to somebody that will grow a huge, engaged, and targeted following for you on social media that can then be tapped into?

Hi @EauDeBo

First, welcome to MPSocial community.

Second, :smiley: This is social media marketing forum, so you’ll probably be advised to go for “somebody that will grow a huge, engaged, and targeted following for you on social media”

And that is not wrong at all. The thing is, if you’re not on Social Media today, it’s like you (your business) don’t exist at all.

You say you’re not marketing guy, but you should try it, it can be fun :slight_smile: it’s a great feeling getting a lead for your business on your own.

Regarding traditional marketing, well, it can still be effective, but I believe social media marketing will get you more customers/clients, it’s cheaper than traditional marketing and way more fun if you do it on your own :slight_smile:

So, browse the forum, see what other people are doing and maybe start working on it too?



Hi there @Adnan and thanks for the advice :grinning:

I did think that might be the case! Haha.

My current social media presence is small and almost incidental to the business - I run local community focused cycling races - but I like a good challenge and growing the social side is a fun one to occupy my time right now.


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Depends on how much time you have to put into it I guess. I’ve worked full time in Marketing teams for 12 years and it really is very simple. You don’t need to spend money on traditional marketing or marketing people. If your product/service whatever is good, then you’ll find a way to market it organically and people will come to it.

And always think long term. In my opinion anyway. SEO content is always a winner in my book. If someone is looking for it, then it’s a good indication that you’re on the right track.

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