Are You Wanting To Give Up?


Thank you for your time and the motivation, MojoJojo :slight_smile:.
I think you are right, maybe I had bad luck with the account seller, even though he was recommended by someone who bought hundredes acc.s. from the seller (proxies are from Massproxy, but those of dma.0245, too. Sim cards are physical ones, bought from a recommended seller here. I am using only 1 per acc., so proxies and Sim cards are likely not causing an issue).

Will definitely think about your kind words and if I make it on the IM HORSE :horse:, I wont forget your contribution to it and will be also then a motivator for others. :smiley:

Thank you also for your nice words, Ian. Will also reconsider that! All the best to you and your accounts!!


Why should I? I am merely speaking what i believe. Sometimes cutting loss and move on is needed


Not this time


And sometimes being a decent human being is also needed. You should give it a shot.


Maybe, but I’m willing to bet maybe not. I started IM last year. I’ve had rough times and good times. There are days where you feel very good, and there are days where you feel like giving up (and those days really don’t disappoint, they hit very hard). The first months were incredibly tough for me.

Sometimes I wish I had someone tell me it does get better (It really does). A lot of things come into play and in my case I had a huge streak of luck ( I found this forum and every good thing that comes with it, and I had my first 10 clients in the same week). Months down the road, I still get bad days, some even worse than the first months but the more you keep going the more confident you get because you know you will make it through as usual.

There’s always a way of minimizing your loss.

For me, it’s “Do not keep your eggs in one basket”. The more accounts I have, the less I worry about individual accounts, and believe it or not, the better the accounts do. If nothing you try works, start a new one with the same process and trust me you will get to the bottom of it and correct course.

Just remember. The more you fail, the more you learn and the more you learn the better you become but if you give up, you never learn.

Keep up the good work @SkinnyGirl! :smiley:


Never give up :wink:


Just saw this on a platform called Instagrum or -gram (not sure any more, sorry). So the next time you get issues with IG, read this thread and remind yourself:


All the best to all of you :four_leaf_clover:


Are you still using blazingseo proxies ?


Yeah - when I need shitty proxies for scraping :slight_smile: