Are You Wanting To Give Up?


Reading how people had the same complaints we have now from way back in 2017.
What I’ve learned from this is that as much as it gets hard day by day. The tough ones will still make it.

Persistence is also vital in this game.

Finally, ayo @SkinnyGirl I see you was almost giving up in 2017. Funny enough, I’ve seen you participate in various threads here. I guess you still going strong and maybe things are simpler now.
How’s the journey though? :blush:


Yet you’re still active in this forum… Little bit of a time waster if you’re not gonna use any of the info here don’t you think?


Thank you for this great share.
The law of averages was my share of learning today.

Thank you.


Definitely not dead, also it wont be dead. FU will exist as long as IG exist.


Is it dead, maybe not but it is not a viable business anymore, the hoops you need to jump through and the risks and the stress you need to go through to grow your accounts just isn’t worth it, not for me anyway, and it will be a lot harder, i will give it 6 months and F/U will be complexly killed by IG.

If you are in the black figures right now, you should be looking at other business ventures because this is a dead end unless you like to be stressed out after every IG change, theh have at it, but be smart and diversify if you haven’t done so

As the IG gravytrain is coming to an halt, time to move on to better things.


Agree on that.

For the rest, go cry somewhere else. LOL
IG services will exist always, the weak will leave (basically all the users who just copy paste what they read and never put effort to think by themselves), can’t wait for all of them to leave actually. :joy:


Don’t come bitching when your business is completely shut down because IG killed off U/F, it is no skin of my nose i got out and switched early enough as i din’t want to spend day in day out trying to find that secret loophole in the hope i can keep my business afloat.

But hey, if you’re into that all that jazz, keep on trucking mate, best of luck to you… :sweat_smile:


@DaveNL FU will exist always, could they implement lower limits than now? maybe.
What do you think will be the limit, 11 follows per day? I doubt it!
Most probably they will never go under 100 per day, which is already enough, also, there are many ways of growing an acc apart of FU, or many other related services to IG (even white hat ones).

I applaud you for moving into other business, is always clever to diversify, I do the same myself. BUT IG services won’t be dead anytime soon.

Best of luck too!


The thing is that IG has so much data that they now know how to figure out if someone is gaming the system or not, you could limit the API and browser following and just allow following through the app. That is something that i came up with just now so if i can think of something like that IG dev most definitely can.

I admire your positivity and i hope your right, but i am afraid that i am lol

I am out, have a good weekend.


Instead of wanting to give up - look at it as an exciting new challenge to solve.

I’m sure if we went through years of nothing new to do or stimulate the brain we would all be bored.


Thank you for asking. Yes, true, I was almost giving up 2 years ago, but I found some motivation to try it even harder… But business was never really “big”, so I started to focus some months ago on some “white-hat activities” which generate more income than “IG growth services”… I did too many mistakes with IG services and I didnt have the guts to risk email marketing here, what is not allowed or very restricted in the EU.
Anyhow, I dont blame anyone, if its anybody fault, its my own fault…

Still pretty new in those “white-hat activities”, but damn optimistic about that :slightly_smiling_face:

How about you and your business?

All the best :four_leaf_clover:


You didn’t come this far just to come this far. Keep pushing .


I never give up on anything, sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s a bad thing. LOL