ASB Tinder Bot - Does anyone have experiences?


I searched and found a Tinder Bot called “ASB Tinder Bot”. Did someone of you made experiences with this Software? In my eyes it looks legit. I appreciate every opinion on this!

Bumble automation software?

I’ve been looking for something to automate Tinder and Bumble for awhile…

I asked the Jarvee team to look into developing it too.


Yeah would be really nice if they include it and Tik Tok as well! What did they said about it? @intothenight


They said they prioritize features that get requested the most…

Can you request it too? :sweat_smile:


Let’s create a bot for spamming the Jarvee service for asking for more bots :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Is this for business or pleasure?

Now I am thinking about how to carry out automated marketing campaigns via Tinder…


haha I love it when you can mix both


you could create a fake Tinder account posing as a really hot girl, then DM all the dudes who you match with to get their emails, add these to a list and market “level up your online dating skills” course to them


I want to use it for business. The great thing about Tinder is you cant see when a picture was uploaded. Thats why you can appear legit in shorter period of time.

Especially when it comes babe stuff, adult offers, etc. In Tinder you Just need a good spintax for DMs and a nice looking Bio. In Instagram smart people can easily spot fakes by looking at the uploading date.


ah that’s smart.

I once did sales for a high end match making service. You could probably even sell leads for something like this too.


Smart AF!! :muscle: I like this thoughts in a completely other direction :grin:


I think this is a great way to diversify revenue.


the tinder bot is kinda pricey, $99 a month, I imagine its pretty effective for CPA though. Seems like it could be a fun experiment. You can create unlimited accounts so could have at least one in every major city


I have an offer which could easily cover this costs I think so, but I will start testing it on Instagram. Just want to know if this bot does what it promises.


Yeah thats pretty cool! When you scale up big you can profit very well out of it. There is even a lifetime license.


could be a complete ATM machine


Tinder limits swipes, even on tinder plus and gold. I tried to use tinder for IG marketing but eventually tinder pretended there were no more people in my area. Even when changing my location to like London, NYC and LA.


Did you try it with multiple accounts?


I already read that in your thread @Connor_Lipke
But when you think about how many girls are not answering to guys on Tinder that amount of swipes could be enough to make party in the DMs. Guys flip out when a hot, real looking Girl answers or even starts the conversation.


The Tinder algorithm supposedly doesn’t favor you if you swipe right on everyone… Even manually, I purposely swipe left on the insanely hot chicks anyway, I did notice better quality overall once making this sacrifice. I think you would want to do something similar if the intentions are to automate for personal reasons