ASB Tinder Bot - Does anyone have experiences?


are there limitations on what info can be shared via DM? do they block email addresses? Can you include links?

Have never used Tinder before


Also interested in that. When other people want to do some tests on that too we can leave this thread for exchange.


downloading the app now…

looks like its a requirement to verify your account with phone number


You mean the standard version of the app?


yes, is there another way?


No, I just wondered if you downloaded the bot or the app :smile:


You can send anything but pictures. I’ve had girls give me an imessage email instead of their number before lol


Porn stars and cam girls would pay great money to have guys swipe onto them and get messages promoting their pages, patreons, etc


I’ve seen a lot of them come here and complain how they lost their IG etc, and I gotta tell ya, they are cheap AF. You need a tier 1 porn star/cam girl or to negotiate and get a cut. You can get them as clients, but you would be better off with IG clients. At least, in my experience.


Haha, no doubt you are right. I’ve never had one as a client nor have I tried soliciting them to be clients. I just was looking from a tinder perspective as an avenue of monetization.

If I’m going to expand from IG realistically I’d be looking at linkedin, twitter & facebook first as I think that’s an easier crossover/upsell to my business clients.


I think if you create your own agency that strictly deals in them, you could negotiate a fat cut and promote. But as individuals they are accustomed to being taken advantage of and so are very cheap.

If I were single I would test those waters.


I’ve shot photos with a couple camgirls/fetish models, and they are dirt cheap. Can confirm the above, they will never pay a dime for anything but expect nothing but money in return.

Pay me for existing is the mentality they have.


Have you Tried it at the end?


At the moment I’m busy enough with Instagram projects but I think I will in the near future. When I do, I will keep you updated here in this thread guys!


If you do, let us know.

I could use a Tinder scraper that works tbh, just something that pulls instagram accounts/account names from bios. Maybe does some swiping and DM’s every match, but that might not last long :laughing:


Of course!

Do you mean it gets detected to easy? @ian


Yeah, if you aren’t a real chat bot people are pretty on top of getting spammed. I was doing some research on it and people get accounts disabled instantly.


Good point! You’re right. Tinder is a different game than Instagram because its more about the 1:1 conversation. But I’m not afraid of trying and maybe learning something new then. I will keep the chatbots in mind and do some research on that in the future.


does anyone know if Tinder’s algo will not favor you if you don’t swipe at all?


I didn’t tried out the bot yet, otherwise I could say more on this maybe. You can search for information on Tinder on BHW as more people are using it there for CPA, adult, etc.