ASB Tinder Bot - Does anyone have experiences?


No, tinder’s algorithm will favour you if you’re active so you need to swipe but Not everyone.
In particular you want to swipe left the people you think everyone else swiped right.


I was searching for a tinder bot! Have anyone tested it??


BUMPED! 13 char, more so than tiktok. Social proof could go through the roof with it!

It’s one of the most addictive and used apps among people with content being key. If you are able to catch the eye with your content it sticks same as tv commercial could. As long as they have seen it!


hahhah great idea, or push some viagra ads to them :rofl::rofl:


Pretty old thread, haven’t seen a concrete answer tho. Did anyone end up trying ASB Tinder? I’m looking on buying it but I’m not sure if they have an account creator with auto email + phone number verify.