Ask me anything: 15 year old Instagram marketing agency owner

Hi all,

I started Instagram marketing at the beginning of 2018 and I’ve dabbled in pretty much everything: page flipping, blackhat CPA, selling shoutouts from my network of accounts, owning a telegram based powerlikes bot (mid 2018).

I made my agency official at the start of 2019 and since I’ve taken on multiple clients (all B2C businesses) for influencer marketing, content marketing and growth, and my services are high ticket.

I’m prepared to answer any questions you can throw at me to the best of my ability!

Kind regards,


so you started marketing roughly at age of 13

what does 13 years old know about marketing? kudos to you for starting young.though

at your age i did Quickscopes in CoD4 lobby


Does you mum know your up late?


Do you tell dem girls how cool you are?


do you have girl friend?


Bravo mate. Keep givin it everything you got, and you’ll have 100,000’s when your in you’re 20’s…

Alright guys, lay off the age :wink: everyone starts somewhere.

I was view botting (shouts to @andrejo for bringing it up) COD video’s me and my boys made and was making money advertising with those view bots XD, greasy, but, BUT it worked…

Do what you can, and keep striving forward. The more you put on your plate now, the easier shit will be later in life.

Good luck mate!


I didn’t really think of it as marketing back then, but I grew a travel page to 10K with fuelgram 7 day trials in their pods. Previously I’d done YouTube so I knew about call to action and basic things like that.

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I didn’t really stay up late, but I have to admit I spend a lot of my time doing Instagram stuff, whether that be browsing Facebook groups, the other forum with the dark theme (lol), or MPsocial.

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how do you come to a meeting with a business owner and they are meeting about potential collab someone who is probably younger than their own kids?

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Not sure how to respond to this, but have I ever used my pages to get girls? No. But addimitedly there’s been the odd flex here or there when my friends see one of my big pages

whats you Niche, stealing Viral Tik tok videos and fortnite?

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No, although I’m not too sure I want one!

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Clap Clap Laurence.


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Thank you. That’s real hustle right there lol!

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There have been situations in which I have been younger than my clients kids, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles if you do stuff this young. If they have a problem with my age, then they can go and find someone else, but usually I’m dealing with business owners who have diligence so they realise age doesn’t matter too much, so it’s ok.

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Great job man. I have a question:

Would you still recommend fuelgram? Do you think insta would block you for using a service like that nowadays?

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Do not worry :slight_smile: We like some humor here <3 If I could turn back time and keep the knowledge I have. I’D DO IT! I envy you that you started at such a young age. If you etch in it, in a few years, you’ll be the best! Just remember to use the best years of your childhood. Because childhood is very important and fun! Best regards <3 BE CARE OF STRESS (Here are a lot of people who take xanax LOOOL: D) You don’t do that. Meditate: D


I’ve never played fortnite (well that’s a lie I played till season 3), but don’t disrespect tiktok! There’s a huge organic reach potential there right now, I’d encourage you to jump on it quick. All jokes aside, I work with B2C businesses across all different types of industries.

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Honestly man, fuelgram is dead and they haven’t been avaliable to use for at least 2-3 months now. EB automation is currently the most efficient form of automation for IG I would say, and that would be a nightmare for fuelgram to use on all of their accpimts, imagine the amount of PC recourses needed for 1000+ accounts using EB performing 200+ likes per day!


Aha thanks! I make sure to keep a balance between my social life and work, in fact I probably spend less time doing what I do than the average kid spends playing computer games.

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