Ask me anything: 15 year old Instagram marketing agency owner


Sorry, still new to this. What does EB stand for?


Embedded browser. Fuelgram is an automated system, and the two most common methods of instagram are making API requests or using a tool that emulates actions on a browser, and as API requests are returning blocks for the majority, people have to use EB, which is expensive as it takes up more computer resources to run.


It stands for an embedded browser. So it uses that instead of API and sending requests. Automation softwares nowadays honor EB over API, as you can mimic real-life moves in your browser with EB, unlike API with which you can’t.


Put the words into my mouth aha


Congrats dude! I’ve always told clients that the younger people are the best marketers because they know/live in the audience that is advertised too.

Wish you the best in future endeavors


Exactly! Gen Z


15? That’s awesome man! I consider myslef young (22), but 15 is crazy, keep it up and good luck on your journey, you’ll come very far! :slight_smile:

But yeah like others said, don’t forget to have fun, go out with friends etc!!!


Another question for you!

What would you recommend for starting a brand new page? Insta is throttling f/u for newer pages. How would you get it off the ground in this case?


At what age do you predict that you will be able to afford and run a Lamborghini?


Bro this thread makes me feel like I’m getting old :joy: I was 15/16 when I started this online thing so I can relate to you a lot… Feels like yesterday. Then I realize that I’m 19 now and it’s been a while since I was your age.



Networking is key, build meaningful connections. If you’re serious and trying to build a really engaged audience, DM every single follower you get until you hit 100 followers, thank them for their follow, and it’ll make them 10x more likely to like your posts when they see them in their feed. Follow unfollow does work on new accounts you just need to be gentle. Even doing 50 follows per day is fine, if done correctly you could still gain 5-15 followers per day from that, and then just focus on engaging with your audience and keeping them active.


I honestly have no clue, but if I had the cash to buy one before I was 30 or even 40, I wouldn’t do it unless I could buy one 10x over with money I had (not taken out of a business I owned). Other than that, I would be a pretty crap business owner if I wasn’t putting back every penny i could into my business lol.


There we go! You’re still extremely young, I’m basically a baby compared to half of the people doing IM (excluding young kids that flex their 5 character usernames and claim they’re entrepreneurs lol)


Money doesn’t give happiness, only more stress :slight_smile:
Help to others!
This is the best that can happen to us.
Expensive things give nothing in life.
Make enough money to have financial peace (you will never experience peace in life)
And then, help others.
(Poor people)


Hey, be careful with this statement… I used to think so too until my business fell on its head and I had nothing to show for it and owed people refunds/chargebacks. BE SURE TO SAVE SOME OF THAT CASH YOUNG ONE.
Im only 22 so I can speak from experience. Made a little, made a lot. Biggest learned experience is that you have to put 10-20% of it to the side as the (you’re not allowed to spend even if you’re in the hospital) fund for your future.
You’ll need that money for important shit in the future.


100% agree im 23 years old made my first 100k $ at 18 years old invested it all back and had a big fall at 20 and had to start over from 0% always but always have backup money “always have a roof above ypur head for a rainy day” you never know what the future is planning
Learn from people mistakes lawrance unless u want taste it on your own flash (its the best way to learn but it has some down side haha)


if you spend money to impress other people instead of yourself expect nothing more than stress to looking forward to impress them more
Have a calm mind and respect help people who cant help theirself and you will find your own peace


Are you following Gary Vee by any chance? This is a gold tip!


Sorry I should have been more clear. I meant taking out unnecessary amounts from my business to feed a lifestyle. Whether it be keeping cash in the business, or investing in assets, it’s always wise to put that money to good use. The main reason why I love Instagram marketing agencies is because the margins are so high, and if you have enough expertise, time doesn’t become as important as other businesses. I don’t take any money out of my business personally, nothing, all my friends are asking why I haven’t bought a pair of yeezys or the latest iPhone yet and it’s because doing all of this has made me realise is that it’s pointless to buy a pair of shoes just to look cool (unless you resell of course). I have a lot of money just sitting there in my bank piling up every month as I invoice clients.


I do watch his stuff, but I take what he says with a grain of salt, because while he knows his stuff, there are things I’d disagree with him on, such as follow/unfollow being ineffective, ‘the algorithm’ which I believe that some it changes it’s important to know the ground rules of it.