Ask me anything: 15 year old Instagram marketing agency owner


Do you know someone here who sells aged IG accounts?


Hey mate, really nice to see young minds around here!

I have a question for you - what kind of services do you provide for your clients and how much do you charge?


I don’t sorry.


I provide:

Influencer marketing
Content marketing

I can’t share with you how much I charge exactly, sorry, I hope you understand, the best I can give you is that I usually charge anywhere from £100-1000/month


welcome. @babs was making very good money to when he was young before 14. Both of ya started early. it’s a good place.


But where did I write that he spends money to impress other people? : D
Or, I misunderstood it
correct me if I am wrong


U missunderstood xD
I meant as for today genertion that what people do with their money


Which one converts best? Since organic growth got harder I’m thinking about offering other services and would like to hear your experiences, insights on the next best services to sell?


Cheers bro for starting at a young age, I am also very young and have a good agency going on. You will face some issues in start with combining school and work as you scale your work but keep grinding and you will have a good time later.


It really depends on the type of business and their budget. Usually the smaller the business, the more they care about the numbers (in followers), so I focus on growth, but slightly bigger businesses that are used to running paid CPI (cost per impression) campaigns see tremendous value in my content marketing. Truth be told, I haven’t really ever had any influencer outreach clients before so I can’t really say for sure what sort of businesses like to use it (I had one client for influencer outreach but I ditched them and refunded them because their expectations were un-realistic).


This is a big thing. My GCSEs (big exam in the UK, the one before A levels), are mid-2020 and I’m going to have to ditch all my clients so I don’t have any distractions. A lot of people have told me I’m making the wrong call, but I do want to go to university to do a degree which I can fall back on if when I make a business, it fails. It’s a really tough decision for me, but I know that as long as I have my clients active and my business running, I won’t properly revise or study.


For me it was different. At your age business > school. And it still is that way for me.

Regardless, why ditch all your clients? Hire a VA or a friend to help :slight_smile:


With all the respect, what can a 15 year old kid with 2 years experience in instagram marketing to teach another expert with years of experience. its like you saying Backaloreos degree student teaching a PhD student.


Even if I’m just still communicating with them, it’s time, stress and distraction.


The thing about Instagram marketing is that it’s so vast, that I can guarantee you that there’s something I know that you don’t. It’s a little bit complacent to just assume that you know everything.


I’ll handle them for you and give you a cut :wink:

No but on a serious note killing your business would be a mistake. Once your VA is trained it’s 20 mins a day max to maintain. I’m sure anyone can find time for that. Best of luck to you!


give me 10.000.000$ and look how happy i am :grinning:


Would you actually be able to handle my clients for me? Shoot me a PM maybe we can work something out.


I still myself has this problem, keeping business running with studies is hard but if you don’t wanna go for the 9-5 grind later on, you gotta manage stuff. Keep doing this and soon you will learn to manage time. I myself sometimes stay up late just to talk to clients on a school night which becomes a very big issues for me the next day but once I am paid it becomes all worth.:grin: Just keep finding like minded people and connect with them. You will learn a lot.


You have a point there!