Ask me anything: 15 year old Instagram marketing agency owner


I do all sorts of things for my clients, there’s more to Instagram marketing than just follow/unfollow, but that is a perfectly valid strategy.


You do any powerlikes? Or do you manage engagement groups on behalf of clients?


I don’t feed artificial engagement to my clients posts.


Awesome job Laurence, I’m in my 30s wishing i figured out business like you did at your age. (or you other young people in here).

Now I’ve just discovered this forum. Only have 1 client (its personal), and need to get above 100k from 38k with not a clue in the book, other than that I’m going to start making a few accounts by hand.


Good luck! What sort of client is it? A personal page? Usually I wouldn’t advise charging clients per K growth (or in your case ageeing to grow them until 100K), because the amount your grow them (and the cost at which you grow them at), is heavily dependent upon the current tools available month to month.