Ask me anything: 15 year old Instagram marketing agency owner


This is really really damn good information, always provide value first :wink:


do you make a chatbot or talk manually ? because it can be time consming especially if you have lots of clients


What is your general strategy to grow clients accounts? Automation seems to unreliable for instagram so do you just leverage your network? mother slave method? what do you clients expect each month in growth? Thanks!


Do you use botting/automation?

I have one main account, and a smaller one, but how the hell do you grow them? Are you paying for ads? Manually f/u for news accounts is very limited at first, and plus editing your content takes so much time. How do you balance so many accounts if you’re doing everything manually?


I always talk manually. It’s better to have 1 high ticket client that feels like you actually want to help their business, than 10 mediocre clients that complain about your services, look for faults and refunds wherever possible.

The thing about growth is that it’s constantly changing, one minute it’ll be follow/unfollow, the next it will be story viewing, then ads, then whatever flaw someone has found in instagrams infrastructure next. Everything is constantly changing and at any given time you have to evaluate 3 different things about the strategy you want to you

  1. Its reliability (are you going to be doing follow/unfollow and get no results because your client keeps getting blocked)

  2. Safety (could you doing what you’re doing result in a potential ban for your client)

  3. Effectiveness (are you getting good results for your buck)

Right now, even if you can’t get past the blocks, there’s at least a dozen people on this forum you could outsource your follow/unfollow to, which could be expensive, so you could take the cheaper option of story viewing, and then jeapordise your clients account a bit more, it’s all about weighing up your options.

I can’t comment upon what I use for my clients, but hopefully you find that useful!

Sorry I can’t comment upon that, but I can give you a breakdown of the current growth methods you could use as an agency:

Story viewing
Story voting (recent nextpost tool)
Ads (whether that be feed or story)
Shoutout networks
Giveaway loops

Hope that helps!


and what type of accounts you use maually slaves or just mother accounts and the account tht will make you contact clients
als ow you can manage more than 5 accounts without any issue manually?


I don’t do any of that stuff actually.


so full automation ? because you ve just said that you contact client manually and tht you do story voting


I didn’t say I used any of the methods I mentioned, I just listed out all of the possible growth methods an agency could use.


ah ok so you you do everything with the software ?


With what software?


You never can tell bro. No man is a fountain of knowledge. Be humble





I don’t use JV


Can u tell me your expectations on selling shoutouts?

Thank you!


Ah! Nice question!

It’s perfectly acceptable to allow the person paying you to just post their bad graphic and bad caption and never deal with them again when they get bad results (it is their promotion, not yours), but, if I can see that the person won’t get very good results I might actually help them out a bit by advising them what sort of graphics they should make (I show them previously successful shoutouts).

This way when they have a successful promotion they’ll come back to me later, sometimes multiple times.

Never under-sell your shoutouts, know your worth/value and charge appropriately.

If someone lowballs you, never come down from your original price, instead tell them that it’s a way too low offer, and try to get them to move on their price without you moving yours, so you can get closer to the price you want to sell a promo for.

Hope that helps?


Hi how can I dm you, I have a 100k account which I’d like to grow using the m/S method

Could someone please help me with settings/ (I'm a noobie)

Interested in your services if you could PM me.


Great job. Also started early.

Don’t lose your drive and stay hungry!


Do you do much follow/unfollow for your clients? Or do other methods?