Aspiring fitness influencer. - question.. focus on youtube or instagram?

Hey! I have a quick question… well maybe not that quick

but here it is.

I am a fitness influencer, my question is should I be focusing on IG or Youtube?

Whats cool about youtube is can make long form content like a “follow along 15 - 20 minute core work out video”
but I am only getting like 50 views, 55 views, 80 views etc… I’ve been at it for 5 months( which i know isn’t along time )

now on IG i can reach waaaaaaay more people but then I’m doing content like a lot of other fitness influencers so I wont stand out really in anyway. ( like those swipe videos of work outs )

but I think If i were to focus on IG as my main focus i would grow faster which would lead to more people purchasing fitness programs, nutrition programs from me etc…

what do you guys think i should do? looking for any feed back =)

Here’s what I would do if I were a Fitness Influencer:

Youtube is hard for Beginners,there are a lot of white hat and black hat strategies to grow on Youtube but you need skills and a lot of experience if you will go with the Black Hat ones.

Firstly,I would focus on growing my Instagram and cross-promoting my channel badly over Instagram using all white and black hat or spam methods.

Basically,I would focus mainly on cross-promote from platforms which are easy to grow,I must tell you that focus on Tiktok if it’s not banned in your Country because it is easy to grow.

What you could do is let’s say you make a 15-20 mins video so just take the first 2-5 mins of video,cut it and then at the end put something like ‘Watch the whole video on Youtube’ and if people like it then they would go in Youtube to watch it.

I hope this helps you,mainly you need to focus on content quality,traffic and cross-promotion and give these the top priority always.

amazing thank you.

i almost think think i should avoid youtube for now? or maybe one and every once in awhile as they are useful for people to use but main focus should be IG and tik tok?

main main focus should be tiktok.

now my next question is i keep hearing people talk about this java or whatever for follow/unfollow should i avoid this?

I suggest you to semi-automate your account and never fully automate it,there are many ways to automate your account but let’s not go deep into this as of now.

Mainly yeah you should focus on Instagram,Tiktok,Quora,Reddit and Telegram too,all I am saying is use low-difficulty platforms to divert traffic and then rank and use the high difficulty ones.

hmm i would love to pick your brain on semi automate my tik tok account.

how can i reach you ? $$

If you haven’t been successful with YouTube so far, you gotta answer yourself following questions:

  • are you uploading regulary? (f.e. 5x a week)
  • are you entertaining? (short videos max 5min., LOTS of cuts, LOTS of action, humor, HQ footage, HQ thumbnail)
  • is your content valuable? (what kind of value would someone have from watching your channel?)
  • Would you watch your own channel if you were someone else?

and if you answer all those questions with YES, which you most certainly will not, then you should put more effort into ranking with Black Hat strategies and what so ever.

P.S.: never forget in what kind of society we live in. Your videos should adapt to this.