[ATTENTION] New Verification Loop

Hello MPSocial!

Today 12 of our clients were hit with new verification loop before logging in.

  1. You need to solve captcha
  2. Enter your phone number and verify.
  3. If you do not have account registered with phone number YOU WILL HAVE TO ENTER PHONE NUMBER FOR YOUR ACCOUNT!
  4. IF NOT your account gets DISABLED after 1 day!



Just for the heads up!

It is not NEW! It has been there for a while :wink:

Yeah, I’ve been dealing with these loops on a small percentage of scrappers and child accounts.

I dont know about automation, those were all manually dealt accounts. Today it was the first time that hit us hard. Does it really get disabled if I may ask?

I don’t think it gets disabled in one day, I’ve had scrapper accounts sit like that for a week, then I do the captcha, PV and get it back.

Yes sadly. I got a couple my my accounts disabled.
The proces is, after enter your phone number and she SMS code, they will out your account on hold and manual review then you will get ban.

I have 100% ban rate on accounts geting this.
I usualy recover them in 3,4 days ,than after 2,3 weeks again.

I’m wondering what you guys are doing wrong that you get these, never ever got a single one of these and I run all kinds of actions plus posts on all of my accounts.
Wondering what triggers those, maybe you are doing actions from 2 locations simultainously?

This is old and its 100% ban rate for me. If my account gets this I dont even bother with the PV I just trash the account.


I know. That you are doing manual engagements too.
Maybe you are. Able to answere this question of mine.

When doing manual follow/unfollow, have you ever experienced, when reaching the limit of looking into followers and followings to the point where it says “wait a few minutes before trying again” continuesly, have you ever faced any actual consequences, in regards of blocks or accounts getting disabled only due to that?
I have not personally experienced any so far myself. But would like to know if you have had that experience?

I am, never saw this on IG, are you sure you saw it on IG? I saw that on TikTok only.

Doing manual on IG gets temp blocks only, I just “Report a problem” and wait it out.
Manual work at scale could easily damage your mental health permamently, I strongly recommend staying away from it.
I believe we are capable of much more than repeating exactly the same action 85929 times each day.

Actually i got those massively lately on new accounts. Not really sure what causes it. No multiple locations used

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I get those sporadically for the past month or so but today all the sudden getting hit by a ton of them. Running of SIM cards

Hello @Karmic, i think you need to reply to some more threads for us to understand what you wanna say

Doesn’t matter if it’s threads from 2008, maybe they still looking for it !

It happened to me recently, in an account that I do manual automation (on my finger, one by one). I did the procedure and everything was normal, only the blocked actions. I waited about 15 days and everything is ok.

Brother they are all over the place. When you start looking into followings or followers lists it suddently turns up saying : “Please wait a few minutes before you try again”

Seems like a clear restriction IG has put up, so that there is a limit of how fast and how many profiles you can scrape/lookup.

I experience the message across many of my profiles. But it goes away after some time. And untill this second it has not ended up in any blocks or disabled accounts.

Though I like to be on the safe side. That is why I asked, only to know if anyone else has experienced any blocks or disabled accounts only due to this message/warning.

As we all know it might be considered a violating of terms, when receiving this message and we continue looking into the following and followers list, as soon as the message is gone.

the profile opening rate limit has been around for probably 6 months. I think it’s separate from the action blocks. I have not noticing any correlation.

BTW, I didn’t any verification today after 25% of my accounts getting it yesterday. Seems to just be a wave yesterday.

What I’ve noticed on my side is that when we, or the client, change true contact information to ours, 1 week or 2 days later; Instagram will ask for verification code. Even though the new contacts have already been verified with IG.

And, when IG asks to verify, they automatically include the old contact information.
As soon as we input the new code, we get a pop up to verify if the old contact is correct.
Of course, we always press yes.
We double check profile contact info, and it’s what we had changed.
So don’t know why IG sends the code to the old contact info.
This loop will happen over and over again with some of the accounts.
We’ve tried even changing the contact info a third time. Deleting the newer phone or email. Same verification loop as above.

Don’t know why this happens.

What if a client really wanted to change because they would no longer have access to that phone? They’d lose the account?

Yes sir I can confirm that. It has been around for some time now. So you haven’t experienced any blocks or disabled accounts due to multiple violation of the profile opening rate limit? Have you?

I haven’t yet myself, but just like to make sure if anyone else have.