Autofollow failed with 168

Soooo it this a new bug or something since the just released update?

I’m getting so many autofollow fails since the newest update. When i open the EB i’m getting the ‘oops error try again later’. Havent had that in a while tbh

autofollow … failed with 168 …



Yup. @BHVen @DanielAdmin

By the way, I’m getting the ERROR, FAILED WITH 168 but it’s not showing per se the “Error” message. Check it out:

It just sits there and turns back the error. So weird.

By the way, I’m getting this in ALL my accounts. All of them are following specific users that are getting fed the users directly from a scraper that’s doing all the dirty work.

Human behaviour turned off. This is clearly, clearly something that has to do with the update, sorry to say.

Running with scrapers to aswell. It started occurring right after the newest update

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The funny part is that there is no block, nothing. It’s not even the “Error, try in a few minutes” thing. It just sits there on that image screen, without ever hitting the “follow” button. You can actually click on it, no error, no block, nothing. Error 168. @DanielAdmin any thoughts?

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Same there!! Driving me crazy! Before last update Jv not unfollowing! Now unfollow is running but not following!! 13follow for the past 24 hours!

@Parliament @oneoneseven

Send an email to support and mention that you are getting error code 168 for Instagram


  • A screenshot of where the Embedded Browser is stuck.

  • Also right click inside that page and click View Source Code and save that file and send it as well.

  • Also, send your full logs so we can get this issue fixed.


Is it being reported often with the current update? Would love to know if it’s only a few of us having this problem @JRVTeam

I sent you a PM, check it out.

I’m using the patch daniel sent out yesterday. I was still getting this with the last release though.

Will send that right away. @oneoneseven please send that as well.

I’ll add my voice to this issue. Have experienced errors 505, 67, and 168 also. Whatever that means.

Am feeding targets from another account on EB only and also reached out to support.

Have switched to API temporarily (never used on this account) and things are working again, but figure it’s only a matter of time before ACs starts, so would like to get EB working again.

Is the API somewhat stable at least? Or is it giving action blocks left and right again. Sooo not into going API again since i’m blockfree on follows (that is if there is no error so that’s another issue). @ja_son

Have only had API going for like 20 follows so far, so hard to tell you for sure, but so far so good. That said, same was true for EB until these errors started, so I won’t hold my breath.

I feel like i’ll just sweat it out for one more day as i reaaally want to avoid AC’s only get 1 maybe every couple of days out of 500 accounts so kinda wanna keep that winning streak aswell.

It’s not like i’m getting no actions done but the timeouts are enormously prevalent.

Would love to be able to downgrade in updates with all these updates being pushed. Feels like the updates are coming to fast to be sure it’s stable.

Yes, not a chance in hell im switching to api, it’s just a matter of time ac kicks in.

@oneoneseven @Parliament @ja_son

Make sure your Instagram Account is set to English for the language when using the Embedded Browser.

That should solve the 168 error code. Please give it a try and let me know here.

How do you switch it to english if it isnt already? @JRVTeam

on a side note, seems like the newest update has hit Pinterest aswell. Only 1 out of 10 is doing actions. The rest is just sitting there wasting precious time. The were also logged out of the API as i had to make them manually valid again.

English is not the case. All of my accounts are running in English in EB, the issue is still there.

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Go to your profile and click this button at the top left corner:

Then click on the language and choose English:

Contact support about that.

My slaves seem set to english anyways. The 168 for me is related to the ‘oops, try again a few minutes later’ issue. I cant access my own feed, cant browse specific profile in the search. what i can do is follow people on the explore page when clicking their image and hitting the follow button next to it. @JRVTeam

I just checked, cant even access what your pointing out since i got that error. However all seems to be english anyways

Just sucks after having upgraded to a monster of a dedicated server running so hard getting about 1 follow per minute to my mains and then boom back to the errors after the update