Autofollow Failed with 508 On Jarvee

Anyone else getting these errors and any idea what they mean?
Is it just a bug as not seen it until the latest update?

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I thought I was one of the very few.
Error Code 508 has been occurring on several of my accounts since the recent JV update.
Logging out and logging only solves the problem briefly or in many cases not at all.
I am using EB and using different proxies and one proxy per account.
It is not a proxy issue.
Also, it does not matter if I check or uncheck the box that says emulate human behavior.
If anyone has found a solution, please advise.
Thank you.

I’m also using 1:1 proxy and EB as well.

It’s very strange

Have you contacted Jarvee support yet? I’m just about to

Yes, there are answers are not helpful and very elementary.
It seems people on this forum know more than support

What did they say about it?

What happened to JRVteam here? They never followed up on the issues … @Actor_Contact

I sent JRVTteam a message too and so far no reply.
I have several accounts receiving this 508 block - can’t solve it

Change the proxy and reset device IDs
It is not a proxy problem and reset device IDs is really a bad idea and many times does not work

Have you tried switching back to API and testing that at all?

No. I have not used API in months and JV has really done nothing to solve the API issue it.
Too many ACs occur with API.
JV is says there are still a couple of weeks away from and API update, but their latest EB update has just seemed to cause more issues for me.

Is the general consensus to not use the API at the moment? EB only? I gave my accounts a break why I switched to mobile proxies. So I haven’t been doing a ton of Jarvee actions. But using strictly the API isn’t doing anything for me Lots of action blocks.

The great majority are only using EB right now.

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Thanks for the quick response. Are there any other advanced settings I should know about while Jarvee sorts everything out? Normally I wouldn’t mind searching this and other forums. But there seems to be a lot of contradicting information out there

Are you receiving hard blocks after 508 error?

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Yes, they are hard blocks.
Have you had 508 blocks too?
The previous types of blocks I could solve by logging out and back in, but that seems to be a very temporary solution with this block. Sometimes I can only do 4 follows

It’s still difficult right now.
In the advanced settings there is a box to check that says “do not emulate human behavior”
Since they added this box in the last update, it has actually seemed to cause more problems for me.
Some accounts work with it checked an some do not.
I really do not know if it should be checked or not

You always seem to experience all the errors like me.haha
Update gives me another homework.
Fake blocks are now real blocks.

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Yes, every day there seems to be new issues.
I am in contact with JV supervisors, so perhaps I can get a solution.
It always takes them 24 hours to get back to me

I’ve noticed this as well. The “use EB when action blocked” option is also gone. I haven’t had time to dive in other than that. But those two things stand out. For the record I switched all 3 of my account to the “use EB only for following” option and within minutes I’m receiving the 508/temp block error on all 3 accounts. All 3 of these accounts have done zero heavy action in months. About 3 weeks ago I gave all of them a full on break from Jarvee after receiving several blocks. Still doing normal activity via my personal mobile.

The past week I’ve switched these to mobile proxies by Henry and have tried to warm them up with extremely moderate settings. We’re talking less than 20 follows over the span of 12 hours and no other actions. I did only have the API on. No EB actions at all. But I haven’t been able to get Jarvee to do just about any following. Which I now know is due to the API. But looks like the EB isn’t any better as of right now.

I’ve been dealing with issues with Jarvee for several months. These accounts are far from spam accounts. They’re my own personal and business accounts. I’ve been following the forums and realize I’m not alone out there. But I’m just about at the end of my rope. I learned and signed up for Jarvee to be a time saving tool for me. Now I’m spending more time with Jarvee then I would be just doing the actions myself via mobile. My last effort was to get the best possible proxies I could. But the proxies (now on Henry mobile) are clearly not the issue here. I’ll give them some more time. But I’m getting close to shutting the entire thing down.

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