Autofollow Failed with 508 On Jarvee

20 follows over 12 hours almost seems to be too much.
I have just been starting with 4 a day and only adding a couple a day.
Yes, every day new issues and more problems.
I spend as much time on problem solving as growing the business and it has been that way all summer.
Still waiting for the API update, but not sure that will be a dramatic improvement, but hopefully so.

How many blocks do you have in a day? How many out of 10?

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I had one aged account use HC mobile proxy and get an AC after just 26 followers and then I switched to a local DC proxy to them as a test and now after 75 follows (over 3 days!) we now have a 5 day activity block that won’t let us post or follow. Really not sure what’s happening. This account had never been automated before as well.

On the other hand, I have another aged account that is using exactly the same settings, just with a much higher follows per day set, on a HC mobile proxy, that’s followed over 100 a day for the past few days with zero issues. This account has been automating for years.

Once the block begins, I stop the tool and rest the account for 24 hours.
Log out through EB and log back in and then resume followings.
Sometimes it works for a day or two and sometime the 508 block returns after 4 follows

I am receiving this block on about 30% of my accounts

Wow I thought those numbers were extremely low. Guess I’ll bump them down a bit. I’m making my way through the Action Black Mega Thread. Lots of interesting info in there. @Itsyourtime settings seem to make sense. I’m going to try those out. What a mess! I really hope the Jarvee update fixes a lot of these issues.

What mobile proxies are you using?

How are you sure that the Henry mobile proxies are not the issue? Were you able to follow on these proxies when you switch and just now you are getting these 508 errors?

I ask because we switch one of our accounts to a Henry raw mobile and we are getting 168 errors and can’t follow.

I guess I’m not 100% sure. But I was having real blocks while using no proxies and DC proxies before I switched to Henry. At least now these action blocks don’t appear to have any affect on my accounts when I log in via my phone. I haven’t been able to do much of any kind of following via Jarvee for several months. Prob 95% of my following over the last few months has been manual.

So were you actually able to follow after you switch to Henry mobile? or did the issue start when you switched? Are you using their $4 proxies or $20?

I’m prob not doing a very good job of explaining this… But I have not been able to follow more than a few accounts since switching to the Henry proxies. For example, my 3 accounts have followed 7/2/1 today. Now as @Actor_Contact said, this may be completely acceptable given the current climate.

But, the action blocks appear to only be happening within Jarvee since switching over to the Henry proxies. In the past, before this week, I still wasn’t able to follow, but many of these hard blocks carried over to my actual accounts. As in I was unable to follow via the mobile app. Currently I am able to follow via the mobile app, just not within Jarvee. I interpret this as Instagram acknowledging my previous bad DC proxies (high proxies).

Overall, Jarvee just doesn’t seem to be working ver well at the moment. But I’m convinced this is not because of the Henry proxies. I’m using the regular mobile proxies, 1 for each account for a total of 3. From the research I did, the raw mobile plan was not for me and a bit riskier. They have been great so far. I see now why they have such a good reputation throughout the forums.

In my experience reseting the ID helps sometimes but also loging out and in of the embedded browser does.

If you log in and out to much you will get a AC message tho.
Clearing cookies maybe?
I don’t know but some of my accounts don’t seem to have any problems with this and some do

Ya, the log in log out deal seems to be asking for a AC message.

Back to the 508 problem…

I’ve seen this method recommended a few times in several forums. Check “Treat action blcoks as temporary blocks” and "suspend tool when temporary blocked between (15) and (20) minutes.

I originally saw user @Itsyourtime recommend using 1 min to 1 min. But he now seems to be recommending 15 to 30 minutes. However, I’m not really seeing the advantage here. It seems to just keep hammering the action which results in a pretty much constant 508 error loop. I guess the theory is these are fake blocks and it will eventually work again. But I haven’t had much success with this method as of today. Anyone else have success doing something like this?

Who’s got 508 error to use a eb+scrap account here?

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Does anyone know if you can block J updates for now? Or does it auto update anyways even if J doesnt restart.

not possible since in the software settings you need to choose a time of update in a frame of 24h

I am using Scrape Accounts and I get 508 all the time (with a lot of accounts).
I did the 15-20 min suspension and the secound one on 240-360.
Does not make a difference tho. No Follows all day on a lot of accounts

Same here. I’ve decided to just rest the accounts for a few days.

My account was not using proxies so just in the AWS VPS and I was really struggling to perform actions so no more than 5 or 6 follows w/o blocks. In any case since July I couldn’t get more than 6 days in a row without a block.

So finally 2 days ago i switched to HC mobile proxies. First day fine, 16 follows w/o block, then today after 9 follows i got that 508 block (which is the first time I get).

So personally I think yes, it might be related to proxies. The “why” I don’t know, but at least it’s the first time for me getting this type of error.

While this could be true. It could also simply be related to the Jarvee update. The next update may fix it.

I got several error 508 on 33% from total accounts. i also noticed some tools worked to slow. i also found some error 168. I fixed some of them loging in and off EB, but i decided to stop them til tomorrow.