Automate Likes without blocks - Settings

I had success with two methods and I am mentioning both of them down below. However, both the methods were tested for 10 days on 3 accounts, all of them run on my home network without proxies (Wifi). So I am assuming that residential proxies would work provided that they are truly residential.

Also, 3 accounts is a very small sample size but nevertheless a good pointer

Method 1: This was tested on one account. No scrappers used.

Settings - Like 1-3 posts per operation. Interval between each operation - 1min. And then Random pauses between x number of intervals. Target sources were hashtags.

Logic: When we open a hashtag and like posts, I assumed that most of us open multiple hashtags and like a few in each of those. So to replicate human behaviour, i did this. I started with 150 a day and increased by 50 odd each day and its at 700 now without blocks.

Method 2 - Like 2-4 posts per operation. Interval between each - 1min. Then random pauses between x number of operations so that the total number of likes for each session is between 25-40 (25 seemed to be a safe number to like continuously without a soft block. Even while doing manually, when i liked posts fast, i counted each time and i got a soft block for a few mins once i liked about 25-30 posts. And this limit seemed to increase gradually. So better to start with about 20 and gradually increase to about 40). Scrapper used. Tested on 2 accounts

This was to replicate how many people manually open links from engagement groups and like them. The actions more or less take the same amount of time or atleast this is the closest that could manage.
Started again with 150 a day, increased by 50 odd a day. 10 days without blocks.

For both the accounts, I dont think its possible to do more than 700 a day due to the speed settings that we use. For some, it might be a limitation. but if we are able to scale this up without blocks, I am sure 700 a day would be like back to the good old days.

Let me know if any of these settings work for you.

PS: I would recommend the second method


So basacly do you run 3 account for proxy? I would say that it’s pretty expensive… real residential proxies aren’t cheap

Are you getting many followers for the liking vs the following on your other post?

Yes I tested only 3. However, i do not know the limit. Again, this is only for people who need to automate likes for whatever reasons. Might not be feasible for mass M/S. Or if we can use like 5 accounts per proxy like in the case of follow/ unfollow, then may be this would work. I dont know. Do let me know if you find anything on these lines

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I tested on my own accounts slaves. I did not concentrate on the follow back ratios etc. My aim was only to successfully automate likes. The number of follow backs would depend on the sources as well as settings like number of followers/following/follower to following ration of the targeted users.

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Yeah I have heard likes a far easier to run high numbers than follows. You should test to see which of your theories (follow vs likes) gives more growth

What result do you get with this? how many follow per day?

Were they new accounts? If so, then yeah… you’re still within your grace period. Keep us posted on results after 10 days.

Are you only using Like actions, nothing more? Let us know about your results, how many new followers you get out of this method per day?

I’m interested to see as well. If it works well, I’m definitely down to automate liking from slaves.

I see you use hashtags, but have you tried liking from scrapers successfully up to 700 likes? I would definitely be willing to get back into automation if so

And I’m glad someone finally made a recent topic on automating liking. I think this is the direction to go

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No they arent new ones. Automated for about 6 months now, each of them

The number of followers will depend on other factors. For example, lets say i keep the follower to following ratio as less than one and keep the range of following between 1000-6000, i will get a ton of followers, may be close to even 150 by liking 700 posts from 700 different users. But most of them would be mass followers and might not engage that much since its very difficult to compete within their feed

Now, if i do the opposite, i might not get even 10 followers. How we manage that is our task as automators, isnt it! But I have been running the same test using DC proxies for the last 3 days and no blocks yet.

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Scrapping hashtags - scrappers dont survive too long, thats true. still figuring out a way to have them on for a longer time. But scrapping other ways is working fine

So you are costantly like post all day with 3 accounts - same ip right? No big intervals between accounts?

You do a 25-40 session with account A right than you do a 25-40 session with account B and so on right? 3 acc

Do you think that zproxies ipv6 residential (I think that you use them) are good enought?

I do not space so as to avoid account runtime overlaps. There are many times in a day when more than one account and sometimes all three running at the same time. However, this was on my home network. On DC, i am not sure. As i write this, i got a block on DC, after running for 3 days. But no block whatsoever on home network after 10 days. Doing upto 800 a day now

I’m asking if you are able to like as many from scraped/extracted sources instead of hashtags? @Karthik_A

Yes. Two of my accounts are using scrappers which extract likers from target sources. I am able to like 800 a day.

I assume those have proxies? You mentioned just using home WiFi, but I imagine it wouldn’t be good to have the liking accounts and scrapers all on the same WiFi

Scrappers have proxies yes. Zproxies itself

For DC I could go for 1 proxy - 1 account as they are way cheaper…

If on zproxies residential I could use 3 acc for proxy it would be good enought… I could even create nighttimes to make work only one acc at the same time.